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7 Seconds with Zomboo – S1 E40

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Season 01
7 Seconds with Zomboo - S1 E40

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 40

Hey kids, do you like scaaaaary podcasts? Good! Because Zomboo, everybody’s favorite late night zombie/vampire stops by the Dogwater Studios for a bite and some laughs. I cannot begin to tell you how excited we all were to have him on. Pretty much our biggest guest, in-studio. Really – you can hear the delight and awe in our voices as we kiss his ass to death we were so pleased to be able to have him on. We talk about his show, charity work, his out look on life and everything that makes him our favorite spook all around the year!

To Rick - How do you like scaaary movies? -your old pal Zomboo

We all got autographs!!! We were like schoolgirls.

Chewie came back this week, from his paternity leave, with a lovely musical selection. This week’s entertainment comes from a little garage band from Reno Nevada in the 1980’s. A passing footnote in a history, you may or may not have heard of:  7 EFFING Seconds! That’s right; the biggest band to ever come out of this two-horse town generously let us play some of their old songs.  Nick, being the name dropper rockstar that he is promised a phoner with Steve Young Youth, but FAILED to deliver. It surely must have been Nick’s fault and miscommunication, since 7 Seconds are a bunch of upstanding boy scouts and fine citizens that would never just flake on an esteemed broadcast as ours… Stay tuned – we may be able to get them on another episode somewhere in the future.

We also talk about last week, what we did and what we’re gonna do and junk. But whatever – we had ZOMBOO on or show! Fuck yeah!!!

This post could totally be longer, but … I just got Skyrim and I need to go crack out on a video game now. Later…

… and thanks for listening!

Memorial Day Meltdown – S1 E18

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Season 01
Memorial Day Meltdown - S1 E18

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 018

This episode is such a bad idea….

What a day, what a day! This week’s Worst Little Podcast in the World is a special episode – the first of a two-part investigative journalism expose booze fest in the studio! We FINALLY have finished compiling your picks for the Top Ten All-Time Reno Bands and present the first half of that list This episode with more to come next week. We actualy recorded two episodes this week so that Rick could take some time off for a vacation next week. Part one includes 7 Seconds, Fall Silent, The Shames, Orange Peel, B.O.H.J., War Maggots, Keyser Soze
Since it was such a special show, we opened up our doors to a lot of people this week and it’s kind of a madhouse. We have Squeak, Christine Irma Geddon, and Jess Blaze form Guerilla Productions on talking about bringing live music back to Burning Man and their upcoming Reno Block Party. Part one includes 7 Seconds, Fall Silent, The Shames, Orange Peel, B.O.H.J., War Maggots, Keyser Soze

Felix Polanski and Bullet Bar Dave stop in to share the libations. Da Kodiak and Cerrybear Jess are in the house too. Nick gets all loosey goosey and plays musical microphones all hour and Rory slowly looses his shit as he looses control. No time for the Worst Quiz Ever – we gots too much music and booze to get to!  Part one includes 7 Seconds, Fall Silent, The Shames, Orange Peel, B.O.H.J., War Maggots, Keyser Soze
Also, we talk up the BEST event happening in the Washoe Valley this weekend – the (Un)Discovered 2011 Backyard BBQ! We throw a rockshow in Rick’s backyard. Free all-day event, the whole city is invited, come see some of your favorite local bands and get you some barbecue! Listen to the whole episode to find out the address – hell, think of this podcast as your personal, gold embossed invitation.

And, as always, thanks for listening.