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Bionic Gorilla – Crazed Delusion – S5 E20

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Season 05
Bionic Gorilla - Crazed Delusion - S5 E20

No, how YOU doin’?

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Welcome back, welcome home, welcome to the show. We have a good one lined up for you this week: straight from South Lake Tahoe and the Reno areas, a face-meltingly good time with the ever-cuddly, Bionic Gorilla. These guys were a lot of fun to have in the studio – personable, professional and perverted. Off mic, we had heady debates about politics and philosophy – during the show as always, it degenerated in to fag and fart jokes. I really wish you could have been there…

Kris Praster licking his bass neck

Kris Prater

Jeff Zavala squinting intently at the camera

Jeff Zavala

…seriously though, they are a lot of fun and a bunch of good guys. I was especially impressed with DJ Zee, doing some live sampling and sound efx as an added instrument. That is a rare thing, totally killer, as in killer app,  and Bionic Gorilla should treasure him. You should treasure him by going and seeing them next weekend at the SassaBRATION festival down in Carson City next weekend on August 16.

Mario Zavala smiling at the camera

DJ Zee

Alexander Salyer smiling enthusiastically

Alexander Salyer

We also take a call ta the top of the show with Jim Thomas of The Mermen. If you don’t know, they are fucking GODS OF ROCK. The Mermen are a West Coast surf rock band that has enjoyed popularity in the underground/indie/punk/non-mainstream ‘scene’s for 20+ years. They have played Reno many times, but not recently. Jim Thomas takes a moment to talk to us about some of his current projects and coming back out to the Biggest Little City again for their show at Jub Jub’s on August 14th, brought to you by Nowhere Music.

Ray Painter smirking.

Ray Painter

Scott Tobin at his drumkit, flashing rock hands

Scott Tobin

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