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S14E13-Divine Defecation: Talkin’ Sh!t

Season 14
Season 14
S14E13-Divine Defecation: Talkin’ Sh!t

Holy shit! This week’s guests hail from one of our musical sister cities, Nevada City California.

Divine Defecation

With Tony on drums, “Poop”Nick on guitar and demonic vocals and Sage on bass.

“Poop” Nick

Devine Defecation are a tight dirty chunky Cookie Monster, stoner deathcore Heavy Metal thrash band,(I think that covers it) that are not to be poo poo’d! Needless to say they have riffs and a sense of humor, especially the potty variety. Very nice fellows who hauled their shit all the way to Dogwater Studios to hang out and rock for us. I hope they weren’t too pooped for the drive home. Thanks dudes. We loved your caca-funny of sound. 

Chewie digs it!

We shoot the shit about the Grass Valley and Sacramento metal scene, small town life and of course, all matters fecal. All kinds of shit. Bullshit, how shit happens, shitty jobs, eating shit figuratively and literally and shitting yourself. You know, our usual verbal diarrhea. 

Kim gives us the real shit on what went down at the  Reno punk rock flea market . 

As is our doody we divinely defecate another worst little quiz that doesn’t go down the toilet. 

This episode could have been a real turd but it wasn’t crappy at all. It was filthy, funny, a little juvenile and it rocked. You might even say it was the shit! I’d say possibly our number two episode of the season! 

So get out there this weekend and tear shit up with your homies at your favorite venue in the biggest little shitty! Thanks for listening and giving a shit about us. We love you. Poop.