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Purple Forever – S2 E22

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Season 02
Purple Forever - S2 E22

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I can’t stop groovin’!

Hello everyone! Sorry about the no-warning two-week hiatus. Actually, no, we’re not really sorry – we all had an opportunity to take a bit of  a vacation and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! This episode is Rick’s first day back on the job, in over 6 days!!! AMAZING!!!! Nick is out on location wrapping up filming for “Nowhere Nevada”, a film 100% cast and crewed here in Northern Nevada (please like our FB page!). Chewie is hard at work, layin bricks in a mine. Rory, well, he, um, did stuff… most of which he remembers. Thanks for your patience though, we really needed it.

Bishop – Hey! It’s that guy!

At any rate, Rory and Rick had a great time with Formerly Known As, Reno’s only FINEST Prince tribute band. Not the whole band, mind you, just Bishop, Susan Young and WLP all-star Diana Ekins. The rest of them all had some lame excuse, but that’s cause they’re no0t as cool as the other three. They were going to be boring and bring in a CD, but thankfully came to their senses. Dogwater Dick pulled out a guitar from the recesses of the studios and we got some acoustic renditions of good sexy Prince music. Yeah, that’s right – I think Prince’s music is sexy. I dare you to disagree with me. Metrosexual? He invented that shit! And KILLED IT on the guitar every goddamn night! But I digress….

Susan – Well, hello, sexy!

Actually, the whole episode really digresses, then digresses some more. We talked a lot about race and sex, but not in a thoughtful debate kind of way. More like 11th graders. Evidently, Bishop is less black than Rory and Rick put together; Susan likes nerdy white guys; and Diana only pretends to be innocent. They also enjoyed the wine. Lots and lots of the wine. Whish is how I know all zhese shings now. And that was all before we even got to the quiz!

Diana – She’s in almost as many bands as Nick!

As a final note – some WLP news! In a few weeks here, WLP will be taking a more direct role in the Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor open mic experience! We will be running the Worst Little Open Mic evey Monday night. Its going to be a great opportunity for musicians to get together, new bands to get scene and possibly get booked at the bar or the show. More details to come very soon!

Thanks for Listening!