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S13E37 Blunderbusst: Magic Busst!

Season 13
Season 13
S13E37 Blunderbusst: Magic Busst!

Join us this week as we journey into the mind and heart of the magic making duo known as Blunderbusst (and sometimes noise vessel Wizard Colors).

Songwriter Jen Scaffidi sings vocals and plays guitar, holding down rhythm and melodies joined by the soundscapes and otherworldly guitar vibes of Carson Cessna. 

Blunderbusst is a unique band of many configurations. Always producing dreamy, intricate pieces with intriguing lyrics, interesting guitar work and Jens beautiful voice. Sweet with a childlike innocence, very playful and sometimes sultrier. Though we did miss drummer Carolyn Gates beats, on hiatus while she’s off doing rad things, Blunderbusst is still as powerful and fun to listen to. We just love the heck out of them. 

Jen Scaffidi
Carson Cessna

We also celebrate the graduation of our faithful intern “Lee”, Jen’s sister, and half of the tribute band Tenacious Double D, Amy Scaffidi! 

Associate Producer Amy “Lee” Scaffidi and her proud sister Jen

We’re stoked and proud to have her join the WLP cast as an official associate producer and cohost of the show. 

This weekend our very own Kadillac Kim and her cohorts with the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market are throwing their annual holiday event, Fleas the Season, at the Neil Road Rec Center. Get some holiday shopping done and rock out with a bunch of great bands. All ages. Definitely one of the best events of the year. Don’t miss out!

You can find Blunderbusst on all the usual platforms, and at

Life is short, rock out more often. Thanks for listening.