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S14E19 WITTIKKA- Dark Wavers

Season 14
Season 14
S14E19 WITTIKKA- Dark Wavers

We are back with a brand new episode featuring dark wave goth vibers WITTIKKA.

This trio consists of Daniel on guitar Dave on drums and computer programs, and James on bass and vocals. Dave points out that James is the visionary front man providing lyrics as well. James insists it’s a group effort. 


Their sound feels like early goth mixed with overdriven guitars, kind of like Swans. James and Daniel are brothers and found Dave through the magic of Craigslist. They’re a great match.  

You can catch Wittikka with goth DJ Xenobia, Glitter Bats and L. A.’s AL1CE playing the Cellar Stage at Alturas July 20.

Kim says HI!

Kadillac Kim gives you the weekends hot shows and we welcome back for an exclusive 3-week engagement, ladies and gentlemen, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd! His band with Nick, One Ton Dually are playing TONIGHT with the Scoffs from Seattle and Riot Radio from Sac at the Cellar. We hope to see you there!

Nick by Rory

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening. 

Jason Hollis – Industrial Age – S12 E30

Season 12
Season 12
Jason Hollis - Industrial Age - S12 E30

Hey, kids: Do you like Nine Inch Nails? Ministry? Skinny Puppy? Foetus? If so, put on your dancing boots because this episode is for you. We are joined by longtime Renoite, now a Midwest émigré, Jason Hollis. Through the miracle of Zoom we were able to catch up a bit with the founder of Reno Noise Night/MEAT and hear his musical projects RetCon and Endif.

Jason Hollis, bald and wearing glasses and over-ear headphones, DJ-ing in a black shirt with white print that reads "I see the assassins have failed."
Jason Hollis/ENDIF/RetCon

Dogwater Dick and Jason share their longtime connection to each other and everything gothic/industrial. Jason loves the big city life and has been playing shows and festivals all over, including Minneapolis, Chicago, New Jersey, and Detroit, keeping asses moving to his special brand of sight and sound. We get his take on true industrial music, opening for Front 242, Reno of yore and a really fun Worst Little Quiz.
We close out with a track by 19 year old Rick and Jason dug up in real time, on the show. Amazing. A Cure cover-y thing, no less!

It’s great to see a Reno artist still killing it out in the world. Thanks for spending a Monday night with us Jason. Also a big “thank you, listeners” for being here with us!

Life is short and we love you!