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Hard Skool Goth – S2 E13

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Season 02
Hard Skool Goth - S2 E13

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Friends are the best!

What happens when you and a band have a last-minute scheduling conflict? You call your dumb friends and beg them to come on your show. Luckily, we had Mr. Matt Waage in our corner. We had a great time with Matty in the Dogwater Studios… but I’m not sure he knew he was being recorded. He kept playing his guitar while we were talking, going off on random tangents and making weird noises with his mouth. Normal Matt, I suppose. What was great though, for anyone who’s had the pleasure of catching Matt over the years, was LISTENING TO MATT SING WITHOUT ALL THE FUCKING DELAY ON HIS VOICE! Matt has a pretty and powerful voice and range. Go figure. I figured all the processing was to hide something awful. No. He’s shy. Pussy.

In other news, Nick cleans up real good! Check out the picture above – doesn’t he look all… 22 or something? He and Candyshoppe spent all weekend in the studio. You can check out the videos here along with behind the scenes WLP videos. The album is completed, minus mastering and packaging and making them, so look forward to that at the end of the summer. Although, wouldn’t it be funny if Candyshoppe released their first CD (Glitterbox) before Big Remote (Jenkins)? Ah, I make me laugh.

Also – I have to give a shout out to Matt Weigand, winner of the first semifinal round of the Reno Tahoe Comedy contest. It was a pretty good night and he killed it! If you want to see good local comedy, check out the next semifinals on June 18 at the Pioneer Underground.

I think there was something else I wanted to say… but I forget.

Thanks for listening!

OH YEAH! Check out Matt hosting the open mic at Strega, every Sunday night!