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Confetti Volcano for SCIENCE!!!! – S2 E21

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Confetti Volcano for SCIENCE!!!! - S2 E21

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E19

Like a bunch of space monkeys! Or gorillas.

Flying – drinks – no sleep. hella.

Hey ever’bodeee! What a wild week it’s been. Rory just got into town a few hours before the podcast this week, so he is flying high on re-acclimatizing, caffeine, booze and no sleep. It makes for some interesting…. things… he says… He gives a recap of his time in St. Louis where he dropped his lovely daughter off for the summer with his lovely and ROCKSTAR parents. He also inadvertently sets off a mild, but lively debate about religion AND politics between the WLP crew (so make sure you don’t listen to this at a bar). The guests did not want to touch that conversation with a 10 foot pole. they had their own shit to talk about…


dan ruby_phixr

This is what a career in science gets you – lots of PBR. And glasses.

Dan Ruby of the Wax Models, Crushstory and a few other local projects (like being the Director of Fleishman Planetarium, NBD) comes on the show to regale us with stories of SCIENCE!!!! Well, at least visiting Washington DC and buying NASA surplus at the click of a button. Dan has been a long-time member of the music scene in Reno (he just happens to have been smart enough to study something that got him a cool day job) and is here teasing an upcoming project. Dan, along with Mike Mechanic, J.T. and Chris Gibson, will be performing the live score to a silent film at the NMA on July 28th. This will be the culmination of the “Forage” bike tour event that Holland Project is putting on that day. It sounds pretty kick ass. He also brings a bunch of previously unreleased (except on the web) Wax models tracks that are a lot of fun – somewhere between Jonathan Coulton and TMBG.


Squeaks and Dianamite from Guerrilla Productions were on to plug some stuff too – they have this little event this year called the RENO BLOCK PARTY2, which you may have heard reference to here or there. It’s a great weekend lined up with EDM and live music and art and art cars. Reverend Rory will be emceeing the live stage at Wingfield park, so check it out. The day of fun is this Saturday, June 30 at 10 am. They also plug the upcoming after party with Nevada Backwards at Jub Jub’s, Warsaw Poland Brothers in July, and a benefit for Spike and Jackson on August 10.


SPEAKING OF WHICH – if anyone sees Spike’s truck driving around town without him in it – call the damn police!!! He had his house broken into and all his shit stolen, including guitars and his car keys.

And one last bit – it was brought to my attention that we have not give due credit where it is due- THANK YOU, FELIX POLANSKI!!! He designed the ad we have in the Reno Tahoe Tonight magazine. Hell, he’s designed our logo, our ad and is probably going to help with the T-Shirts when we get to it. THANK YOU FELIX (asshole).


Thanks for listening!

Reno We Have A Primadonna – S2 E17

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Reno We Have A Primadonna - S2 E17

Worst Little Podcast — Download Link– S2 E15

The summer is really starting to fill up!

Now aren'nt they a purty couple....

Reno we have a problem, and they are called Reno We Have A Problem. These punk rock homophobes douchebags think that they can just come into our studio and make a bunch of jokes and drink our beer and be funny and fun to hang out with. Well, fuck them! We’re gonna record them playing acoustic punk for the first time and make it sound really really shitty! Oh, wait … was that my outside voice? I mean… they are… really… cool guys and … their music is… stellarly mediocre. Truly, stellarly…

Logan does the Chicken Dance.

Seriously though, Chris Hart, Foo Phlegm, Logan Bongiovanni and Bobby Laws are all righteous motherfuckers. They lay down some of their dirtiest, crassest most foulmouthed songs on the acoustic trip. This episode is more NSFW than most. I’m not kidding. I dare you to play the first two songs in your office lobby. It’ll be hiLARious!

Don't worry, Bobby isn't drunk - Rick was falling down.

In other news, the guys are all super busy keeping up with all the summer festivals, like the great (Un)Discovered 2012 show happening in 2 days!!!! AT the Dogwater Studios!!!!! Where you can come by and meet most of us in our natural setting – along with a bunch of the best new acts in Reno this year!!! Oh, and Rory is playing guitar for half an hour… or so we think. It should be interesting….

Fezzes are cool. Worship your new leader.

Also coming up soon is the Reno Block Party 2012 at the end of June. Please check out THIS LINK if you are interest in being involved – we are still looking for vendors and artists to fill up our booth space and Artist’s Village as well as volunteers. It is bigger and badder than ever and is really going to showcase the arts community and Burner culture that is making Reno a destination for tourists and working artists alike.

Thanks for listening!


BONUS SHOW: And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Drink on the Air – S1 E19

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
BONUS SHOW: And This Is Why You Shouldn't Drink on the Air - S1 E19

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 019 BONUS EPISODE!!! EXTRA LONG!!!!

The saying goes, “No place to go but up from here.”
They’re wrong.
Part two includes music from Werm, Sprout, Mudsharks, Cranium, Phat Couch, The Atomiks, and Gunshot Licker
So this is Part Two of the Memorial Day Meltdown. I still say it’s a bad idea.  BUT there is joy in mudville. In our first segment, (mostly) Rory  talks with J-bot from Captured! By Robots. The mechanical tyrants have him out on a tour again, bruising his tender meaty appendages to lug them and their gear across this country. He will be finishing his latest tour this weekend in our fair mountains. Check him out on Friday 6/10 at Whiskey Dick’s in Tahoe or on Saturday 6/11 at Tonic in Reno. It should be a great show – The bots have some new tricks up their … cladding… and are ready to rip your faces off with rock and roll! … and titanum instrumentation.

Those shows will be around rock and roll time, so if you’re out and about in Reno on Saturday, come by Wingfield Park downtown. Guerilla Productions are putting on the Reno Block party there all day long – 10am to 10 pm. Just in time to catch a little C!BR action. Those kids are still in the studio (mostly) this episode, although there were some casualties along the way. Bullet Bar Dave, Jessalicious, the Kodiak and Felix P all stick around with us too.
Part two includes music from Werm, Sprout, Mudsharks, Cranium, Phat Couch, The Atomiks, and Gunshot Licker
Once we get past the interview with Captured! By Robots, the shouting match Top Ten List  resumes, and we spend the rest of the show trying to make it through the list as fast as a room full of drunkards can focus on anything. That’s most of the reason that this is such a long episode (nearly 2 hours)!

Anyway, we apologize in retrospect and thank you in advance! Enjoy the show!

Part two includes music from Werm, Sprout, Mudsharks, Cranium, Phat Couch, The Atomiks, and Gunshot Licker