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Sam and Vikki – Double Identity – S3 E41

Season 03
Season 03
Sam and Vikki - Double Identity - S3 E41

OMG, this one is late too…

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E38

Hey, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to the first show of the new year. We had some technical issues this week and it pushed back the podcast a little, but we have a fun show for you. The whole gang’s here and Chewie brought in some great tapes of the Great Old Ones of the Reno scene. Joining us also are Sam O’Brien and Victoria Velasquez.

Sam O'Brien of Empire Comedy and Rainshadow HS

Sam O’Brien is a leading comic and writer at Empire Improv, making audiences laugh since at least a couple of days ago. A busy man, Sam is also a teacher at Rainshadow High School and very involved in the Reno arts and education communities. He joins us this week mostly as a comic, but has some upcoming events related to the high school that he is really excited to promote.

Victoria Velasquez from Reno Art Works


Victoria Velasquez is also in the studio with us. A fellow teacher at Rainshadow, Vicki is also involved in the Reno art scene as a resident artist at Reno Art Works. You can find her there most evenings as well as her work hanging on the walls of her studio space at RAW.

I could say more about what they’ve got going on, but that’s for you to find out when you listen. Again, a big thanks to Sam O’Brien and Victoria Velasquez for being on the show!


Kelly Ogilvie and Jarrod Evans: Twice A Day – S3 E9

Season 03
Season 03
Kelly Ogilvie and Jarrod Evans: Twice A Day - S3 E9

And BAM! just like that, people come through!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E9

Hello all you fine people out there in internet land! Since nothing goes off without a hitch around here, we had some scheduling problems because Reverend Rory is an asshole. But our good friend Jarrod Evans, bassist from Slut Fungus, was able to come in and throw down some acoustic tracks with us. Thanks for coming through, mang!

Kelly Ogilvie on the Worst Little Podcast wearing a blue Lincoln Lounge sweatshirt at Dogwater Studios

Absolutely adorable and fairly filthy!

Also in the studio is Reno artist Kelly Ogilvie. She has a show that will be closing at Reno Art Works on April 25. Her show, Well Red, will be on display until then. Ogilvie is a painter and fiber artist, meaning she makes art from fibers and materials. I’ve also seen her do a little spot welding here and there – follow the hyperlink on her name to find her FB page and check out some of her art there. As talented as she is adorable, Kelly kinda keeps quiet until the quiz. THEN the gloves really come off and we all fall in love with her.

Jarrod Evans of Slut Fungus stopping by to play an acoustic solo set at Dogwater Studios on the Worst Little Podcast in the World 2013 04 01

How can you not trust a face like this?

Also want to mention that there is a great show this weekend at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club in the Pioneer Underground with Frankie Quinones. Would have had a phoner, but for the aforementioned scheduling issues, it didn’t happen. However, personally, Frankie seems like a pretty cool guy, so you should go support him and Reno Comedy at the club this Friday or Saturday night!

And if you’re looking for something do do, don’t forget about Stregapalooza this Friday night, hosted by Reverend Rory (who will play a set as well) and featuring THREE of Nick’s bands. Saturday, Rev. Rory will also be at A Salon 7 for their 9th annual White Party Fundraiser. All obvious jokes aside (like the ones we make on the episode), this is another really great benefit – this year it will be going to FOUR separate charities. Pretty killer.


Anyway…. Thanks for listening!!!

Afterglow – S2 E16

Season 02
Season 02
Afterglow - S2 E16

The Worst Little Podcast ->Download Link<- S02 E14

Sometimes, the guests really bring it and we can just sit back and laugh.


Mallory Mishler

After a long and exhausting conversation about Marianarchy 2012 Mallory Mishler joins us in studio to play some songs and talk about her upcoming exhibit at the Reno Art Works. She is a triple threat – one of the top realism artists in town, a skilled musician and a fucking awesome lyricist! Great – next thing you know she’s gonna have a podcast or something. Her show, “Stubborn Works – Something From the Deep ‘It’s a Black Thing'”, will open sometime in the first week of June and the closing reception is going to be on Sunday June 28th.

We also have a great phone call from Reno based comedian, Lizzie Keith. She was the host of the Reno Tahoe Comedy Semifinals last week and is a pretty active performer and aerobics instuctor. We think she’s hot. She says she’s a hot lesbian, but we’ll have to get her in studio sometime to verify… if y’all don’t mind. Really though, she was funny right out the gate. I think we have maybe made a new friend – a contender for the coveted third chair of Chewie?

kodiak and chewie_phixr

Kodiak and Chewie

Also in studio with us were the artistic and musical talents of Aric Shapiro and Pan from Reno Art Works and Weapons of Mass Creation. We’ll have WMC on the show a little later in the summer, but today they were here to talk about RAW. It is a great artists’ space on Dickerson Row, the unofficial home of Reno’s visual art community. RAW however embraces all artists, from performers and writers to more traditional definitions like painters and sculptors. RAW hosts a weekly community art night – fun for the family and you might just pick up a new skill or simply learn a trick or two. All kinds of art are open for exploration! Lots of fun.



Aric Shapiro

Other Topics This Week: Why Elephant Rifle hates the Reverend Rory now, divorce (sorta), the ‘other’ RAW and hot girls belching.

At any rate – thanks for listening, o constant listener!