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Jeff Jones and Bryan Cowell – Nerdcore – S5 E15

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Season 05
Jeff Jones and Bryan Cowell - Nerdcore - S5 E15

Gentlemen, start your dice.

The Worst Little Podcast S5 E15

Great googly moogly! We welcome Jeff Jones, organizer for the 2nd annual RAGECon (Reno Area Gaming Extreme Convention), to the studio this week. RAGECon is a locally-produced convention for the gamers – and not the video gamers, but those players of pencil and paper, dice card and board games and more! Tabletop gaming will be the byword on the weekend of June 26 – 28 at the JA Nugget, with a weekend chock full of gaming sessions, tournaments, free play, vendor demos, panels and, added just this year, a Cosplay Contest! Visit with local shop owners, social organizations like Great Basin Geeks and product reps from dozens of gaming companies; have the chance to win some neat new nerdy product (games and game accessories); and hobnob with luminaries and friends of the show, like: panelist and contest emcee, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd; panelist Felix Danger and cosplayer and blogger; Cheyenne Leigh… and maybe more in the crowd??!!

A 4-box in different exposures, of Jeff jones, organizer of RAGEcon,

Would you like to play a game?


For your musical entertainment, we have a man of surprises, a man of many different talents, a man who needs an introduction because he’s quiet, and therefore dangerous – Mister Bryan Cowell! Bryan has been the longtime drummer for Carson punk rock band, Slut Fungus. Much like Dave Grohl, he was secretly a powerhouse of a singer and guitar player while hiding behind the drums. Also like Grohl, he uses his songs to write about the things he sees in the world. Unlike Grohl, Cowell does not have record execs to impress and has a decidedly morbid bent, whilst spinning and crooning musically and lyrically complex character arcs on the micro phone. I can well assure you that this is not music to be missed. Bryan Cowell is a badass and these songs are not for the weak-hearted. Bring your A-game, listeners.

triptych of Bryan Cowell, in different light and color balances, crossing his eyes

There are many, many faces to The Bryan


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