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Lily Baran – Know Your Rights! – S12 E8

Season 12
Season 12
Lily Baran - Know Your Rights! - S12 E8

Ladies March marches on!
This week we are graced by the presence of the sweet and hilariously fun Lily Baran. This young singer-turned-activist-turned-ACLU employee has quite a story to tell. Having only had Lily as a guest of WLP once, way back in 2014, it was great to catch up with her this week.

Lily is a gifted singer with a soulful, soothing and expressive voice; just gorgeous. She does a couple of Nina Simone songs (that’s how good she is), one of them with updated lyrics by Lily that hit the heart poignantly. She also plays us her collaboration with Redfield Clipper, a Jazzy banger, and of course we play a quick round of the quiz. (Mouse asks the dirtiest question ever so sweetly. Lol.)

Lily Baran, longing on the couch in Studio C in a black cardigan and t-shirt
Lily Baran – Triple A – artist, activist, advocate

Lily is an absolute joy to hangout with. She has some shows coming up and who knows, you just might catch her at a Jazz jam or “doing a thing “ with the also amazing Rachel McElheny. In the meantime she’s out there working to ensure our civil liberties and we appreciate her for it. Thanks Lily!

Kadilac Kim gives us the local lowdown and Ian is back! Yay! We’ve got him for two shows until he heads back to school. We’re so proud of him.

And to you, our listeners, life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening.