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PJ Ruprecht and Emily Reese – A Hole Gnu Whirled – S4 E34

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Season 04
PJ Ruprecht and Emily Reese - A Hole Gnu Whirled - S4 E34

Go team Glitter!

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Here we are at the last episode of Season 4. Wow. That’s a statement I never though I’d make. For this momentous occasion, we are joined by TWO wonderful guests for one great episode. We have PJ Ruprecht and Emily Reese with us to round out the season. PJ Ruprecht is new to Reno, but a fantastic talent to have on board, having stunned Reno open mic nights for the last few months. Not hard with his background, as you’ll see.

PJ Ruprecht in a 4 box warholized poster

This was not what he expected.

On the other hand, we also have Emily Reese, a public speaker, writer and teacher at Rainshadow Academy. Also a mother of three and two-time cancer champion, Em brings her own amazing stories to the table on the show this week. There are lots of surprising things about this long-time friend of many of us on the show.

4-box warholized images of Emily Reese

The many shades of Emily

In other news, Intern “Good Girl” gets to user her real name of Jamie; Honky is not quite there yet; Nick has a bunch of shows; Rev. Rory will have Girl Scout cookies soon; Chewie is somewhere else; Rick is going to be recording; and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

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