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Ye Olde WLP Christmas Podcast 2016 – S6 E32

The tradition continues…

Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E 33 – Download Link

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy Hanukkah and, and, and all that jazz! We’re happy to bring you another Christmas episode! If you'[ve never heard one before, the show is a little more G-rated as we bring our families in to get in on the fun. Due to illness, the Martin Girls were unable to make it. But we do have the ever awesome Mikie Ramirez and Diana Horch, as well as, of course, Princess Bombs herself, Rikku Dowd.

Rikku chillin' with the JC

We got the Christmas cheer up in here!

Its a bit of chaos and fun. Princess Bombs unveil a new song, Rikku yells “Pizza!” a lot in attempts to improvise, and for once! She does NOT cry! Take THAT Uncle Rickey!!!! Merry fucking Christmas to ME!

Ugly sweater homemade cookies from the party

Ugly Sweater Cookies

The WLP cookie

The WLP cookie

Merry Christmas, y’all! Come see One Ton Dually on 12/30/16 with The Alphabet Cult, The Lazy Universe and The Shames at The Saint!
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The Worst Little Christmas Podcast 2014 – S4 E41

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Season 04
The Worst Little Christmas Podcast 2014 - S4 E41

Ho, ho ho, bitches!

The Worst Little Podcast S4 E41

It’s Christmastime and time for our family spectacular! Rikku joins us once again, in person, and that’s just a whole bunch of chaos until she gets sick of the show. Crying and laughter and drama – just like home. We also feature great music from Princess Bombs, Deadly Gallows, Lions Like These, Haggis Rising, Spyke Deggnogg and “Close of the Year”, from the JDRF Hope for the Holidays CD, courtesy of Tom Gordon.

Rikku and her pony diamond

Rikku and Diamond

We also get a very special call from our very own Chewbacca, Josh Martin, direct from the NORTH POLE! Josh has been helping out a very someone special up there and gives us a report of the working conditions.

It’s a lot of chaos. have fun. And from all of us on The Worst Little Podcast – Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We love you all. Jerks.

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Nick Ramirez

Well, HU-llo there!

Jamie "Good Girl" Woodham

Jamie “Good Girl” Woodham

Reverend Rory singing

The Rev. getting his jam on

Shaun, Cole and Nate

Stryse, Honky and Nate

WLP crew pretending dead

Seasons Dyings