PhÆDRx – Solo Machinations – S7 E17

Greetings, weary travellers!

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This week we’re introducing you to a Reno musician who is off the beaten path. PhÆDRx is the project, Dennis is his name. Combining strong songwriting skills and musical styles from many eras and influences, PhÆDRx is a musical exploration of metaphysical themes. Dennis composes and writes all of these original works; what’s even more impressive is that he also plays all the parts himself, from strings to drums to synth and the ol’ mouth harp. Many of the songs you will hear on the show are acoustic versions of fully produced songs that are available on the website.

Dennis Donaghy, the solo artists behind Phaedrx, relaxing and smiling on the porch at Dogwater Studios

maxin’ and chillaxin’

Though soft-spoken, Dennis has an alluring voice and strong storytelling skills. Classic bait-and-switch. Enjoy the tunes and check out the sites. We hope to see PhÆDRx playing out at Reno venues soon this summer. Keep an eye out for his album “Always Look Up”, releasing later this summer.

Hope to see you all out at the shows this weekend! On the Theater Front, we have STUPID FUCKING BIRD closing it’s run at Bruka, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind at RLT and The Comedy of Errors at the Lear. On the music side, Sonic Mass at 40 Mile on Friday and the boys in One Ton Dually will be opening up for Three Rounds on Saturday.

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