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Canyon White – Battleborn To Be Wild – S12 E7

Season 12
Season 12
Canyon White - Battleborn To Be Wild - S12 E7

Welcome to the first episode of our 5th Annual Women’s March, a WLP showcase of the women of our music scene and beyond. Our lead-off musical guest is Canyon White , the hardest working lady in Northern Nevada’s folk scene. Seriously, she has a gig every night of the week except Mondays, which she graciously made an exception this week to be on our show. We’re sure glad she did. Kicking off our Women’s March with her unique brand of tenderness and humor was a great choice. She’s a hoot to be around. We laugh out loud during a few of her songs (we’re supposed to be quiet, but she was too funny) and got all the feels on others. She has a way with words, lol. Being a native Nevadan, Canyon tells great stories of life in the music and art scenes of Reno Tahoe and the surrounding areas. We discuss Nevada history and hidden hot spots few folks really know about.

Canyon White wearing sunglasses and a bright cyan kerchief with her black sweatshirt and jeans
Canyon White

Also joining us, Nick’s favorite woman ever, his mom. Teri Karlsson joins us with her husband Hans to talk about her belly dancing troupe, the Babylon Babes, and to check out what her kid has been up to with this podcast thing for 11 years. The quiz is a laugh a minute and some revelations are made.
All in all a perfect little Worst Little Podcast to get Women’s March rolling.

Hans Karlsson, Nick Ramirez and Teri Karlsson embracing on the couch
Hans, Nick, and Teri

To all the women of WLP, the Reno music scene and beyond, we salute you!

Thanks for listening!