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My Acoustic Heart and the Great Communicator – S4 E9

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Season 04
My Acoustic Heart and the Great Communicator - S4 E9

Strap in, folks!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E9

April showers bring WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO THE WEATHER? Hope you’re enjoying early spring here in the Washoe Valley area. I’m not.

Tattoos that say "spirit" and "truth" on Ortiz's forearms

marked for lyfe

What I am enjoying is having gotten to meet and hang out with Josh Ortiz of My Acoustic Heart on this latest episode! Ortiz is a quickly rising name in the Reno singer-songwriter community and a giant dork really swell guy. Unfortunately he was warned about the quiz by former friend of the show, Josiah Knight (who will NOT be appearing with us anytime soon). Ortiz is most of My Acoustic Heart, having come on the show without telling his sometimes partner, Greg, because he’s a diva.  He’s also got one hell of a set of pipes!

Josh Ortiz of My Acoustic Heart in a triptych photo

Josh Ortiz

Also on the show, bringing the kind of crazy energy that only he can is Darin Honorof, the Great Communicator as dubbed by Dogeater Dick. 100 points if you can follow his conversation; a bonus 1000 points if you can explain it to us in a letter. He really injects his own way of looking at the world and infects us all with it.

Darin Honorof

The Great Communicator



Thanks for listening!