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Me Time – Overage Overdrive – S6 E23

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Season 06
Me Time - Overage Overdrive - S6 E23

Cowabunga, dudes!


Reno punk rockers will never die! They just get older and have more brittle bones! Speaking of which: we are happy to welcome Randall “The Wolf” Wolf, Morgan “Gordo” Miller, Craig “Crag” Allan, Paddy “Ninja Rick” Landes, and Sasha Mereu of Me Time, a Reno NV punk rock band, to the show today. These guys are loud, fast, sloppy, old, and a buncha drunks! Well, I assume they are, because, as you may be aware, Reverend Rory is not at the podcasts currently. But he did catch them at Shea’s a few weeks ago and had a blast watching them play. (Frankly, they were a blast, while the Ataris were ho-hum. I mean really – Birkenstocks? If you were at the show, you know.)

Mogan Miller winking and giving a thumbs up


Paddy Landes making a funny face

Ninja Rick

Randall Wolf making a funny face

The Wolf

Sasha Mereu making a funny face


Craig Allen Making a funny face


Me Time has a new CD out that you can listen to online or throw a few bucks their way if you want to download it (you should – punk rock music is cheap, but playing it isn’t).


Thanks for listening!