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Sit Kitty Sit – Hot Karl Bach – S6 E20

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Season 06
Sit Kitty Sit - Hot Karl Bach - S6 E20


The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E19

They are back and in perfect form – ladies and gentlemen, our good friends, Sit Kitty Sit!! Mike Thompson and Kat Downs are back in the studio for their yearly pilgrimage to Dogwater Studios – and this year, it was just for fun! They literally came to Reno to be on our podcast and play the most amazing songs for us to share with you! That not only includes the new track “Creeping”, but also a completely new, unrecorded track!!! (SKS fans should be changing their underwear right about now….twice)

Kat Downs, singer and pianist for Sit Kitty Sit, smoling while holding a lavender flower of some sort form the Dogwater Gardens

Kat ‘Flowers Make Me Happy’ Downs

The show is kind of a mess – but its always a good mess with SKS. The first 40 minutes are literally just hanging out with them and saying hello. Jump ahead if you want – they then play a block of 4(?) songs, ripping into us with the opening songs of their current set. FUCK! They’re so good! Sit Kitty Sit is jut moments (or weeks) away from heading back out to the East Coast to do an end of summer tour in Mike’s homeland. It’s a little ‘open ended’ of a tour, so if you know of a venue that needs them in the NE US, just hit them up on Facebook the night before you want them there. I’m sure it’ll be no problem.

Mike Thompson, drummer for Sit Kitty Sit, winking and 'shooting' at the camera with a 'finger gun'

Mike “How Do You Like Your Eggs” Thompson

The most interesting things happen to these folks. It’s not just cause they know how to find the coolest things; they create an atmosphere for cool things to happen to them. We all should be a little more like Sit Kitty Sit. Drink the Kool-Aid.

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Mike Thompson, Drummer for Sit Kitty Sit, with his headphones on his head and drum mallets in hand


Sit Kitty Sit – Working Without a Net – S5 E22

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Season 05
Sit Kitty Sit - Working Without a Net - S5 E22

I love my friends!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E22

It’s always great to work with your friends and this week is chock full of Friends of the Show! In studio, we once again have the incomparable, Sit Kitty Sit, a hard piano rock band from San Francisco. Kat and Mike routinely play shows up here, for Marianarchy, for Starfleet and the USO and just for fun. It was soooo good to see them again this weekend while they lounged at the luxurious Dogwater Manor like rockstars.

a skeleton cat model on an end table

                               Sit Kitty Sit

Other friends on the show – Chewie was back in the studio again this week, but Nick was not. Mr Ramirez was attending a hoity toity birthday party in honor of the talented and prolific Reno painter, Greg Allen. Greg is, as you may know, the beneficiary of last year’s Marianarchy. We have a great phone interview with him wishing him a happy birthday.

Kat Downs from Sit Kitty Sit

                                    Kat Downs

Also, at the beginning of the show is an open letter from WLP Booking Manager, Jamie Lynn, about another Marianarchy beneficiary, Tom Plunkett. Tommy took very ill over the weekend and was admitted to the ICU and put on life support. I’m happy to let you know that, at the time of this posting, Tom is lucid and eating and drinking on his own, albeit limitedly. Tommy has a long road of recovery ahead of him, again, so please keep him in your thoughts.

mike thompson fo sit kitty sit

                           Mike Thompson

And finally, while The Rev had to duck out to go set up the Blazing Mics open mic night at Jub Jub’s, Lucas Young and Kyler Mosconi stop by the show  and crash it at the end!

Lucas Young, a Reno musician

                            Lucas Young


Kyler Moscini sitting in a chair

                           Kyler Mosconi

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Sit Kitty Sit – (Don’t Touch The) Crackly Bottom – S4 E25

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Season 04
Sit Kitty Sit - (Don't Touch The) Crackly Bottom - S4 E25

Bing Bang Boom!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E 26 – Download Link

OMG This was such an awesome show. Good good GOOD friends of the Show, Sit Kitty Sit, drove up to Reno from the Bay Area just to be on the podcast. Kat Downs Gaudette and Mike Thompson are a killer two-piece band that will blow your mind. They started playing shows up here in Reno about a year ago and fell in love with the audiences and venues of our fine city. You can’t keep them away now!

Kat Downs Gaudette

Kat is HUNGRY!

Sit Kitty Sit is keyboard, drums and phenomenal singing. A truly unique act they can and have played with everyone from solo guitarists to full on metal hardcore bands. They first played up here with Lucas Young, a previous guest on the show and great guy who just HAPPENED to also stop by the studio this week to say ‘Hi!’. Sit Kitty Sit ended up staying at Dogwater Studios that weekend and Rick and Kat and Mike all fell in musical love. Since then, they’ve remained in contact with us and played a few more shows in the Sierras. What you get today is just a little taste of their amazing live show. Super fun, witty and talented, you don’t want to miss the,

Mike THompson

So is Mike

Before I sign off, I just want to remind everyone of the big Nowhere Nevada show at Jub Jub’s this Friday, August 8. With 12 local bands featured in the movie, and film clips being shown all night long, this is something you don’t want to miss! It’s a fundraiser to help the cast and crew go to San Jose for the red carpet film fest that the movie has been selected to be in. Please come out to support Reno art and culture!

Thanks for Listening!