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Cruel Ultimatum – The Art of Vincemilking 12 E11

Season 12
Season 12
Cruel Ultimatum - The Art of Vincemilking 12 E11

Are you ready to rage? Down to get a little funked up? These are horrible lead-up cliches to describe this weeks guest, but I truly mean it when I say there is nothing else like Cruel Ultimatum right now in all the land (of Northern Nevada)!

Evan Lantto, facing the wal to sing, Jim Morrison style
Evan Ultimatum

Formed in the uncertain times of the pandemic, Cruel Ultimatum has only been playing out for about 9 months, but they have definitely come in hot to the local music scene. Cruel Ultimatum is Evan Ultimatum (vocals), Haley Ultimatum (guitar), Scotty Ultimatum (drums) and Daddy Ultimatum (bass). They are a powerviolence hardcore band that have quickly gained a diverse fanbase, spanning the ages.

Jacob playin guitar in a shot that looks down the neck of is guitar
Haley Ultimatum

They are also a blast to hang out with – we are in tears at a few points in this show. I really can’t say much more about it without spoiling the episode, but to was a really great time and we hope you think so too. Their songs are creatively layered and dynamic, shifting gears and time signature smoothly and effortlessly. The strong and aggressive music is complemented by the original lyrics penned by Evan, as if by magic. They gather together as a band and putt on a hell of a performance.

Emilio with long bushy wavy hair and glasses, has his head tilted back while playing drums
Scotty Ultimatum

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Skylaar Lash in a western style shirt playing bass
Daddy Ultimatum

Thanks For Listening.