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Attack of the Triflin’ B’s – S13 E3

Season 13
Season 13
Attack of the Triflin’ B’s - S13 E3

This week we have half, or possibly two fifth’s, of Triflin’ Bitches: The mild-mannered Scott Sherwood on bass and local lunatic Logan Bongiovani on guitar and vocals. Unfortunately, the normally rock-solid drummer, Scott Hauder, couldn’t make it at the last minute (Nick adds some shakers and beatbox here and there). Also absent from the proceedings are the fingers and voices of John Frederick, the keyboardist. John has taken a gig in Hawaii and will be reuniting with the Bitches in half a year (for some half-naked, bad-decision fueled show, no doubt). In the meantime, the band will be shaking things up, having fun with new arrangements of their songs, and adding a female vocalist to the mix. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Logan laughing talking into a mike, seated on a stool holding a guitar and a beer. Scott in a beanie and jacket looking at the camera neutrally
Scott and Logan

Logan gives us the low down on their new EP “Eu De Vistige” out now on bandcamp.  We have a fun quiz and we meet our new intern Percy! We also get some fully produced studio tracks!

Intern, Percy, face obscured by long wavy brunette hair. watches while Rick mixes music with his back to the camera, bald in a back t-shirt with obscured wording
Learning at the desk of the master

This Saturday 1/28/23 we will see you at our LIVE 500th episode show at Cypress in midtown with DJ StaxOfWax, Heterophobia, Elephant Rifle, the WLP crew, giveaways and fun! Come celebrate this milestone with us!

Logan smiling broadly on a chair with a red blanket covering it and sitting with Pongo, a white terrier
Pongo and Logan

Life is short and we love you.
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Reno We Have A Primadonna – S2 E17

large worst little podcast logo - b/w/r
Season 02
Reno We Have A Primadonna - S2 E17



Worst Little Podcast — Download Link– S2 E15

The summer is really starting to fill up!

Now aren'nt they a purty couple....

Reno we have a problem, and they are called Reno We Have A Problem. These punk rock homophobes douchebags think that they can just come into our studio and make a bunch of jokes and drink our beer and be funny and fun to hang out with. Well, fuck them! We’re gonna record them playing acoustic punk for the first time and make it sound really really shitty! Oh, wait … was that my outside voice? I mean… they are… really… cool guys and … their music is… stellarly mediocre. Truly, stellarly…

Logan does the Chicken Dance.

Seriously though, Chris Hart, Foo Phlegm, Logan Bongiovanni and Bobby Laws are all righteous motherfuckers. They lay down some of their dirtiest, crassest most foulmouthed songs on the acoustic trip. This episode is more NSFW than most. I’m not kidding. I dare you to play the first two songs in your office lobby. It’ll be hiLARious!

Don't worry, Bobby isn't drunk - Rick was falling down.

In other news, the guys are all super busy keeping up with all the summer festivals, like the great (Un)Discovered 2012 show happening in 2 days!!!! AT the Dogwater Studios!!!!! Where you can come by and meet most of us in our natural setting – along with a bunch of the best new acts in Reno this year!!! Oh, and Rory is playing guitar for half an hour… or so we think. It should be interesting….

Fezzes are cool. Worship your new leader.

Also coming up soon is the Reno Block Party 2012 at the end of June. Please check out THIS LINK if you are interest in being involved – we are still looking for vendors and artists to fill up our booth space and Artist’s Village as well as volunteers. It is bigger and badder than ever and is really going to showcase the arts community and Burner culture that is making Reno a destination for tourists and working artists alike.

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