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LC3 and Dope Called Glory – Bookending – S3 E39

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Season 03
LC3 and Dope Called Glory - Bookending - S3 E39

Winter sucks.

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E36

Hola, mis amigos! First of alll, thank you to everyone that came out and supported Marianarchy this weekend. Despite the snowstorm, we had a fantastic time as usual! All the acts, Friday and Saturday were just great. There are too many people to thank for their support, including Jub Jub’s. We love you. So does Maryanne.

Lawrence Coleman III On The Worst Little Podcast

This week we have the Return of Larry! Lawrence Coleman III shows up with Jacey Goldfinger and Marcelo Nobrega, the other members of his project, LC3 and Dope Called Glory. Unfortunately, this is not only their first performance, but it is also their last! Larry, you see, is going to the English countryside for a year, to search his soul, make dandelion crowns and wistfully look out over lakes and moors. Jacey and Marcelo will remain behind in Reno, keepin’ it real and making music.

Jacey Goldfinger looking adorable on The Worst Little Podcast 2013 12 09

I don’t know if we fully explained it on the show, but when larry first moved to Reno, he was in a band called Greyscale. They were a bunch of young twerps and punks playing some hardcore metal – nice guys, but just using Reno as a stepping stone. Reverend Rory interviewed them back in tha’ day for the Reno News and Review. Then, a bunch of drinking and rock shows happened.  Larry ended up staying and becoming a mainstay and vital part of the Reno music scene for the better part of a decade. It seemed only fitting that he go out with another session with The good Reverend. Literally, he got on a plane and left town the morning after this was recorded.

Marcelo Nobrega on The Worst Little Podcast 2013 12 09


Ashley Marie, noted Reno actor and director, also stopped by to promote the new season of Good Luck MacBeth and assuring us that it won’t be too long before she returns to the Bruka stage. Ashley was happy (read: SQUEEEEing like a schoolgirl) to recently announce that she will be directing Evil Dead: The Musical in the upcoming GLM season. It’s been a while since Ashley has been on the show and it was nice to have her back. Maybe next time she won’t lose her voice and be able to be on the show.

Ashley Marie, of Good Luck MacBeth and Bruka theaters, on The Worst Little Podcast 2013 12 09


We had a super fun time this weekend. Listen in next week for our Christmas Episode featuring The Notorious R.A.D. aka Princess Bombs.

Thanks for listening!


Lawrence Coleman III and James Dilworth: Sierra Nevada Serendipity – S3 E6

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Season 03
Lawrence Coleman III and James Dilworth: Sierra Nevada Serendipity - S3 E6

I love it when a lack of planning comes together.

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E6

I had rescheduled and rescheduled both of the guests this week, Lawrence Coleman III and James Dilworth. Finally, we got the dates set. Then “Larry” decides to bring an entourage with him  – seriously, like 2 extra people! AND we had the Bryce the intern and Spencer the PA there. It was a goddamn circus. But, like the circus, creepily entertaining.

Lawrence Coleman III on The Worst Little Podcast

His Royal Madness, LC3.

Lawrence Coleman III is the guitarist for Livitz Livitz, but he comes in and throws down a few original tunes that he’s been working on. He brought accompaniment, but his chauffeur, Johnny Mo, is a chauffeur, not a percussionist. No instead, Lawrence picks up a drummer, this awesome guy, Marcello, out of the damn ether and brings him in for a jam session on the show!!! And quietly, in the background is loyal listener Nicole! She got a behind the scenes tour of her favorite Reno podcast… and at least said she had a good time. I guess there are benefits to being friends with Lawrence Coleman III. (I’m not convinced)

James Dilworth, Reno Filmmaker and author, with a stuffed cat.

Dilworth and a stuffed cat.

James Dilworth is a Reno filmmaker, poet, translator, instructor and writer about town. Currently he is showing a series of four short films that he has written and directed. The next showing will be on March 23 – listen to the show to find out where!

Marcello playing djimbe on The Worst Little Podcast

Everybody’s newest friend – Marcello!

We also field a call from the Vampirates on the show! Chris and Dave check in with us minutes before taking the stage in Albequerque. They have a FUCKED up story about getting to the Bay Area that you should really listen to.

Loyal listener Nicole and SPencer Kilpatrick making faces on the worst little podcast.

Loyal listener, Nicole, and PA Spencer!
(not pictured Bryce the Intern)

Really great show this week – we get really disgusting and bawdy; Larry does a great Max Volume impersonation; spent a lot of time on the State of the Scene; met the awesomely talented and funny Marcello; busted Johnny Mo’s chops endlessly. Good times.

John Mohar on the Worst Little Podcast

Are you lookin’ at me? – The Taxi Driver

Don’t forget to check out the Blazing Mics at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor this week with host Chris “Puddin'” Hart. It’s always a good time and remember – every performer gets a free drink, $25 bar tab for the best performance, AND there are ALWAYS $1 Monkey Juice shots!

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