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The Lost Ones – Gingers with Soul – S6 E25

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Season 06
The Lost Ones - Gingers with Soul - S6 E25

Good Gawd!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E25

OK, so no everyone in the band is a ginger, but they all have been touched by a little of that Motown sound. (Think less The Temptations and more Joe Cocker fronting a punk band.) The Lost Ones are a soul/rock band from Reno NV, featuring seasoned troubadours Garrett Donovan – (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Aaron Foelsch – (Keyboard/Vocals), John Grinde – (Drums), Todd Imus – (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Devon Miller – (Bass Guitar/Vocals). WIth only one show under their belt, they are technically one of the greenest bands we’ve ever had on the show, but don’t let that fool ya. They have a tight, fresh sound that is obviously well rehearsed, no matter what the other bands say.


John Grinde mic check

Little John Grinde

Todd McNulty smiling gently


John Grinde - (Drums)

Suprised Garrett

Devon Miller smiling broadly

Devon – happy to be here

Aaron Foelsch resting his chin on his fists

Angry Aaron

The Lost Ones are really stunning. They’re bringing back old sounds in a new way – mostly with moar whiskey and beer. You can catch them in a couple weeks on November 3rd at Shea’s Tavern with In the Whale. This should be a great show – so great that they’ll all stay up past their bedtimes.

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