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Blaze On You Crazy Diamond – S2 E14

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Season 02
Blaze On You Crazy Diamond - S2 E14

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Is it just me or is 2012 a little fucked?

Rhymes with ‘shallow’

Todd Ballowe joins us this week on the show! Todd is one hell of a musician. He doesn’t just play his guitar, he manhandles it! Slapping it and choking it enough to make a small symphony come out. But Todd loves his guitar. He always comes back to stroke it and he didn’t really mean it, baby. Todd is also a powerhouse of activity on the Reno show circuit. Coming up here, you can catch him on 5/15 at Tuesday’s Taste of Reno at Java Jungle, or on 5/18 at Swill.


We are also joined by the VERY lovely Elsie Marie. She joins us in the third chair while Chewie is gone. I can tell you that I already MUCH prefer looking at her for 90 minutes than Chewie. She also smells a lot nicer. Elsie is also taking Reno by storm as a model and photographer this year. Check out her work at

Reno has suffered a huge loss this week. Jessica “Blaze” Smith passed away on Tuesday in her sleep. Jess was a good friend to everyone on the show and a guest a couple of times last year – most notably a member of the cast in the Memorial Day Meltdown and And This is Why You Shouldn’t Drink on the Radio. She was a local promoter and true believer. She also gave great hugs. Jess Blaze was a do-er, always backing up her talk with a tight game. She was a founding member of Guerrilla Productions and a driving force behind the Reno Block Party. She was always down for fun. Jess Blaze was an integral and dynamic part of the Reno music scene and entertainment industry. She will be missed, but it’s now our job to carry what she taught us into the future. Let’s make this a kick ass summer. Go out and see a show. We love you, Jess.

There will be a wake for her at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor this Saturday, 5/12.

Thanks for Listening.