Jelly Bread

#550 S14E15 Dave Berry: Long Road Driven 

Season 14
Season 14
#550 S14E15 Dave Berry: Long Road Driven 

This week for our 550th episode, we have a personal hero of ours, family man, talented athlete, songwriter and brilliant guitarist Dave Berry of the well known rocking funk outfit Jelly Bread. 

Dick setting up Dave

We first talked with him way back in the first season of the podcast, 2011, towards the end of his then band PufferBilly. 

He then declared he was quitting his day job and going for full time musician, and taking his shot with powerhouse drummer Cliff Porter and Dave’s sister Jackie who sang with him in PufferBilly. 

Dave Berry is happy to be here

Well he did it. 

Jelly Bread played well over 200 shows a year for several years and established themselves as a tight professional level, funky jam band that never disappoints. 

But after the pandemic, tour fatigue, band personnel changes and a family crisis, Dave was led to work on a solo album with his sister. The results delivering beautiful blood harmonies and genuine human emotion. Musically and lyrically.

Pongo putting the DOG in Dogwater Studios!

We get the heart wrenching details and listen to a handful of sweet, soulful tracks as well as a couple live acoustic songs in the studio.

Dave’s stories were so vivid, interesting and relatable that we couldn’t find time for the quiz. 

Enjoy a real open, honest and touching episode with a real Reno rocker done good. 

Thanks for sharing with us Dave.

Singing his heart out for real

Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening.