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Michelle Pappas – Mixing It Up – S5 E7

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Season 05
Michelle Pappas - Mixing It Up - S5 E7

Aaaaand we’re back! Again!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E7 – Download Link

Thanks for bearing with us while we settle into the new studio! It’s been a rough month for us all and we have had some technical issues. However, we welcome into the studio the prolifically awesome Michelle Pappas! We are also joined by Jeffrey and Adam from the TMCC Theater!

Micgelle Pappas


Jeffrey Bently


Adam from TMCC Theater


Nick and Jamie take the reigns on this one as The Rev was out of town on a family vacation – Road Trip to Vegas. So enjoy the show. I have no idea of what’s on it since I didn’t get in until late last night and haven’t had a chance. See you next week and:

Thanks for Listening!

Evil Dead: The Musical – Vaude Villan – S4 E31

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Season 04
Evil Dead: The Musical - Vaude Villan - S4 E31

Gimme some sugar, baby….

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E31

It’s finally October – our favorite time of year! The days shorten and cool and thoughts turn to the warm glowing eyes of demons and monsters. It’s the spooky time! To celebrate this fact, Vaude Villain Entertainment has brought the second greatest musical adventure known to man to a Reno Stage. From Vaude Villain’s production of Evil Dead: The Musical we have co-directors John Frederick and Ashley Marie James (an Evil Tree) and Jeff Bentley (Jake) in the studio to talk about the show and Reno theater!

John Frederick and Ashley Marie James making faces

John and Ash, presented without comment.

We also take a call from Evan Buckley Harris, the production’s Ash, while he was on the road. That was fun and totally not awkward at all! The cast is a fun tight knit group who really kill the performance. Full disclosure: I’m also a part of Vaude Villain Entertainment and, as you are likely aware of, a producer of this show. Other than sitting in on a voice rehearsal and seeing a couple rehearsal short videos of movement rehearsals, I hadn’t seen this production at all until opening night and it. Was. A. BLAST. We’ve had sold out shows so far and you should really do yourself a favor and follow the link and get yourself presale tickets – this is a hot ticket right now in the Reno nightlife scene.

Jeffrey Bently eating a sandwich and holding his hat

Welcome to Jeff’s Magical World of Sandwiches!!


It’s a great episode and an even better show. Please check them out!

Thanks For Listening.