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Low La La – Let’s Really Focus on the Band – S6 E17

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Season 06
Low La La - Let's Really Focus on the Band - S6 E17

Happy ‘Merica Time!

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E16

WARNING: Do not operate heavy machinery or operate a motor vehicle whilst listening to the songs on this podcast. 

We are pleased to welcome Hannah Etchison and Cody Thomas of Low La La back onto the podcast this week. Our favorite sweet sweet songbirds came back on right before the last tour of their single lives! You can catch their mini-tour kickoff show up in Virginia City this Saturday at The Canvas Cafe. They are just going out for a bit for the summer before coming back home to focus on more domestic things.

Cody Thomas of Low La La laughing

Cody Thomas

If you haven’t caught them before, Low La La is a singer-songwriter duo from Reno NV specializing in original tunes for the stringed instruments and simple percussion. Also whistling even. They write some terribly beautiful music together with thoughtful, often personal, lyrics. The two of them, Hannah and Cody, are also a blast personally and especially indulgent of their friends, as you will hear on the show.

Hannah Etchison of Low La La smiling

Hannah Etchison

Go see their show. Cody is a potter and will have many of his wares for sale at the event. Go like them on Facebook. These two are a great local talent. Support that shit.

Thanks for Listening!

Liam Kyle Cahill and Low La La – Double the Fun – S5 E10

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Season 05
Liam Kyle Cahill and Low La La - Double the Fun - S5 E10

Not one, but TWO fantastic acts on ONE show!

The Worst Little Podcast S5 E 10

We’ve got a one-two punch for you this week. Both Liam Kyle Cahill and Low La La are in studio this week! And if that’s not enough to whet your whistle, they both debut brand new tunes for you! That’s right! 5 years in and we are still bringing you exclusive new songs from the streets of Reno!

Liam Kyle Kahill, smiling broadly and playing his guitar


Liam Kyle Cahill is a well-known act in the Reno circuit, playing profusely and networking non-stop throughout not just the local Reno scene, but nationally and internationally. Cahill is a passionate singer, thoughful writer, polished musician and dynamic performer; he is a real powerhouse of talent in this town. After nearly two years of e-mail tag and random run-ins, we were finally able to squeeze him in on the calendar just days before he leaves town for tour. Liam is happy to announce that he has is sponsored by Fretlight Guitar on the FretLight Tour, which will take him throughout the Northwest this spring and will continue throughout the country most of this year. In my mind, the FretLight Tour STARTED at Dogwater Studios and on the Worst Little Podcast. Break all the legs, Liam!

Hannah Etchison of Low La La, a unique Reno NV duo, holding a banjolele and smiling with her sweater off one shoulder


Joining Cahill on the show is Low La La, a unique duo and true treat of a performance, suprisingly, also from Reno NV! Low La La is Hanna Etchison and Cody Thomas, united by both the love of music and themselves. Oh! and each other – they’re not just raging narcissists. They’re a couple, So that will end badly, but while it’s great, they are making fantastic music. Guitar, banjolele and a mesmerising voice. “Banjolele?”, you say? Yes. Banjolele. It’s exactly what you think it is – a banjo and a ukulele had a baby.

Cody Thomas of Low La La, a unique Reno NV duo, holding a guitar and smiling
Also shooting up the proverbial charts with a bullet, Low La La has been making a splash in the Reno music world, with their dreamy, poppy sound. You can catch them next during the May 8 Wine Walk, at Liberty Fine Arts.

This is a really fantastic episode, with one of my favorite quizzes ever. Chock full of good times and great music, all of the guests came to play and we had a blast.

Thanks for listening!