S14E6: Bang Marry Kill- Thank You So Hard

Season 14
Season 14
S14E6: Bang Marry Kill- Thank You So Hard

For Valentines we get bromantic. Three rad dudes from established Reno bands like Ostracized, Grimedog and Filipendejo among others, Lucas Grimes guitar and vocals, Tyrell Cruz bass and vocals and Kevin Montoya drums and vocals are the new super group and power trio BANG MARRY KILL.

Kevin aka Felipendejo

Funky and reminiscent of funny jam acts like Ween, Primus and the more obscure Gluey Brothers. 

They’re a rocking dance band really. Super joyful and lighthearted with heavy grooves and cool psychedelic surf tones with a squeeze of desert rock. And Dessert Rock if you’re hungry.


We had a blast with our friends in Bang Marry Kill and get to know Tyrell a little better with a round of the worst little quiz. 


You can get down with them at the upcoming blood-spattered valentine show at Alturas’ Cellar stage. Keep collaborating and creating new music Reno! We are definitely loving the results! 

Happy VD! Life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening. Thank you so hard!

Up from the Cellar: Dennis McDonald Picks 6 – S12 E24

Season 12
Season 12
Up from the Cellar: Dennis McDonald Picks 6 - S12 E24

This weeks episode is brought to you by The Cellar at Alturas’ live show booker, sound man, public relations director, and a local musicians best friend, Dennis McDonald . He and his son Uriah stopped by ye olde Dogwater Studios to discuss the ins and outs, highs and lows, ups and downs of a ten year run putting on shows of all kinds. It’s a great story about a passionate music man who is in it for all the right reasons.

Dennis wearing a Cellar Stage baseball jersey and giving the devil horns to the camera while mugging for the camera.
Dennis McDonald

We hear tracks from local bad-asses Grimedog, Murderock, Machine Gun Vendetta, KANAWHA, The Grimtones, and Elephant Rifle! Each track we hear comes with a great story, often with a personal, and a touching reason behind the pick.

Preteen Uriah in a Hurley shirt and smiling with a closed mouth
Uriah McDonald

We love doing these showcase episodes and we hope you enjoy hearing them. Visit the Cellar stage at Alturas and say hi to Dennis, the man making it all happen. Thanks for listening! 

Grimedog – The Sexual Revolution – S10 E29

Season 10
Season 10
Grimedog - The Sexual Revolution - S10 E29

The tension is always palpable when this trio gets together. Online, over Zoom, it was no different. Sploosh.

Once again, we are happy to welcome Grimedog to the Worst Little Podcast studio! They are always a blast with bigger than life stories of bad decisions and rural Nevada. Joining WOlfman and Lucas is new/old member Ben! Listen to the show to find out more.

They were also a featured performer at this past weekend benefit (covered on last week’s podcast) – fighting the good fight and helping #spreadthesparkle. The songs on the podcast made their debut this weekend at the event.

Thanks for Listening

JUST IN-Beaver and the Rhino! – S9 E17

Season 09
Season 09
JUST IN-Beaver and the Rhino! - S9 E17

Hello! Happy Independence Day! We’re excited to bring you one of the funniest episodes we’ve recorded in a Dogwater’s age. We are here with JUST IN-Beaver aka Spencer Eldridge. Backing him up is everyone’s good buddy, Lucca G Rhymes, and the Rhino is here too! Press play to hear the hilarious shenanigans of this bunch of exceptional hooligans!

JUST IN-Beaver and Lucca G Rhymes at Dogwater Studios in Reno Nevada for the Worst Little Podcast.
Spencer Eldridge (JUST IN-Beaver) and Lucca G Rhymes

Spencer has been playing as JUST IN-Beaver for about two years. When Spencer isn’t playing with his other band, A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, he keeps audiences laughing nervously while he sings us acoustic songs about boobs and bath salts. Lucca G also plays in A Wormhole Could Kill us All, as well as Reno’s most sexual band, Grimedog. Click through to follow all the bands on Facebook and learn where to see them next!

Also here is the Rhino! He’s been a DJ in Reno since forever and recently he’s parlayed that career into the charity work he is here talking with us about this week. If you’re not caught up, Rhino has been working on bringing his Golden Gate art car and Silent Disco to sick kids everywhere by touring to children’s hospitals. The Rhino is for the children, y’all. We’re happy to get the word out about his art car land speed record and fundraising activities for this amazing project. We will keep our listeners updated about future events!

The Rhino at Dogwater Studios for the Worst Little Podcast in Reno NV.
DJ the Rhino here with his Golden Gate Bridge project

Golden Gate Art Car

Also! Kim wasn’t faking it last week when she called in injured! Here’s proof!

Kadillac Kim’s punk rock battle scars. See, I wasn’t faking it!

Thanks to all our guests for the ridiculous time. Get out and see some shows this week, Reno!

Be sure to check out everyone’s favorite monthly folk showcase, Loud as Folk this 4th of July Thursday! It’s our pal Spike McGuire’s album release party. See Cowboy Indian and Gina Rose open, too! 21+ 8PM No cover!

Friday – Pink Awful & Só Sol at The Loving Cup! 21+ 8PM $5

Saturday – Heterophobia! Rem Ved! Kelly McLeod! Blue Envy! at the Holland Project. All Ages 8PM $5-10 PWYC

Sunday – Fang / Mob Rule / Viva Revenge at Shea’s! 21+ 8PM $10/12

We hope you all have a safe and lovely 4th of July weekend. Don’t forget to head to the Reno News and Review to vote for us for best podcast! We appreciate all your votes and support! We’re off next week but back the week after that with newcomer Jade Brodie! Thanks for listening!