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The Jet Stole Home – Stay in the Garage – S5 E16

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Season 05
The Jet Stole Home - Stay in the Garage - S5 E16

New music, new friends, same old shtick!

The Worst Little Podcast S5 E16

The Jet Stole Home is a Reno post hardcore band we just met this week. Frankly, I’m not sure what “post hardcore” means  (emo), nor do I know any of the bands they list as influences; that being said, they reminded me of a lot of great bands that no one else has ever heard of either. Ethan Lane (Cookie Monser vocals) , Jeremy Martin (bass and clean vocals), Kyle Daters (guitar), Fitzzy (guitar) and Josh Lopez (drums) absolutely killed it in the studio this week. They were a fun bunch of guys who came to play and came to play(the quiz was quite a nailbiter).

Kyle Daters, smiling broadly in a nice plaid shirt

They’re such nice boys…

Josh Lopez, wearing an NWA t-shirt

…except for that t-shirt…

At the top of the show we also take a call with Greg Golden of the Greg Golden band (and proprietor of Bizarre Guitar and Bizarre Guns in Sparks). The Greg Golden Band is having their CD release party this weekend – 7pm at Mummers in Sparks (the old Alley) and featuring an opening set with our good friend, Mr. Max Volume. Recorded with and produced by Frank Hannon of Tesla, the CD also features vocals by Hannon, Randy Scoles and Jeff Sandoval. The show is going to be a super-event with many music luminaries from around the region and West Coast in attendance.  Greg was kind enough to take a few moments to chat with us about the Reno music scene and surviving as a small business owner in the face of corporate competition. It’s a real treat, so you should definitely take notes on this one.

Jeremy Martin looking at the camera like a suprised deer in the headlights

… and the (alleged!) drugs…

The Jet Stole Home have shows of their own coming up. Well one anyway… you can catch them on August 12th at the Knitting Factory with locals Drag Me Under, We Predict A Riot and headliners, Killswitch Engage. Hopefully they’ll get some more lined up. I really enjoyed this new-fangled thing they call ‘music’.

Fitzzy smiling goofily

…moving on…

Ethan Lane giving a thumbs up while grimacing

…and whatever the hell that is.

Thanks For Listening!