Garrett Donovan

The Lost Ones – Gingers with Soul – S6 E25

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Season 06
The Lost Ones - Gingers with Soul - S6 E25

Good Gawd!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E25

OK, so no everyone in the band is a ginger, but they all have been touched by a little of that Motown sound. (Think less The Temptations and more Joe Cocker fronting a punk band.) The Lost Ones are a soul/rock band from Reno NV, featuring seasoned troubadours Garrett Donovan – (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Aaron Foelsch – (Keyboard/Vocals), John Grinde – (Drums), Todd Imus – (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Devon Miller – (Bass Guitar/Vocals). WIth only one show under their belt, they are technically one of the greenest bands we’ve ever had on the show, but don’t let that fool ya. They have a tight, fresh sound that is obviously well rehearsed, no matter what the other bands say.


John Grinde mic check

Little John Grinde

Todd McNulty smiling gently


John Grinde - (Drums)

Suprised Garrett

Devon Miller smiling broadly

Devon – happy to be here

Aaron Foelsch resting his chin on his fists

Angry Aaron

The Lost Ones are really stunning. They’re bringing back old sounds in a new way – mostly with moar whiskey and beer. You can catch them in a couple weeks on November 3rd at Shea’s Tavern with In the Whale. This should be a great show – so great that they’ll all stay up past their bedtimes.

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The Liver Scars – Beyond Control – S5 E5

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Season 05
The Liver Scars - Beyond Control - S5 E5

That really hurt.

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E5 – Download Link

You know ’em – you love ’em – it’s THE LIVER SCARS!!!! Felix, Nick, Garrett, Todd and Ron form The Liver Scars are in the studio live and with their livers turned up to 11! You know we drink on this show, but this week was like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day steamrolled into one.I’ll just say that I tried to hold onto some semblance of show flow or control, but with these guys… I think I gave up in the first segment.

Felix Danger, singer for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk Rock Band, flipping the camera off

Felix – Screams

Nick Ramirez, bass player for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk rock band, squinting like Popeye and holding a beer

Nick – Bass

What can I say about the Liver Scars that wouldn’t be incredibly incriminating? Besides the fact that they truly are one of my favorite bands, ever and currently…. Um…. Felix remained conscious throughout the entirety of the show! Ron has a Napoleon thing going on. Garrett and Milton Berle have a lot in common. Todd gets redfaced REALLY quickly. And, yes, Nick really is just always that spacey.

Garret Donovan - guitar for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk rock band, smiling at the camera and squinting his eyes

Garret – Guitar

You will want to check out The Liver Scars on their Facebook page and at their Upcoming show opening up fo D.R.I. at Jub Jub’s! This show is crazy and off the rails and I really don’t remember what happened after the beer boxes came out. (That’s why this post is short.) Whole episode is a bit of a blur. I think a mason jar of whiskey was involved. Shudder.

Ron, Drummer for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk rock band

Ron – Drums

Todd, lead guitar for Liver Scars, smiling for the camera

Todd – G

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