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Treedom – Pikkitup Pikkitup – S5 E38

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Season 05
Treedom - Pikkitup Pikkitup - S5 E38

We gotchoo, son.

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This week, the phenomenon known Treedom joins us in the studio! Treedom is Alex Stevens (git/vox), Gabe Hulse (bass) and Corbin Cliften (drums), all from Reno NV, all playing ska/reggae music. These young lads have been tearing things up in the last year, steadily developing their sound. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Alex Stevens with a goofy look on his face, wearing a black "Pittsburg" T-shirt

See, what ha happen was…

It’s been a MINUTE since there was an active ska/reggae band in these here parts. Sure, a couple of Tahoe bands and some stalwarts have been played a few shows in the last decade, but furreals. When was the last time you went to see a band like that. And don’t tell me the scene doesn’t like it, because, fuck you – we do! Treedom is a great addition to the scene and came to play ball on the podcast. Listening to them was like summertime in the winter and sunshine on your face. Goddamn good times. You can catch them this Saturday at Third St. Bar with SoCal jammers, Jam Stain.

Gabe Hulse in a purple polo shirt holding his bass.

Gabe Hulse

Unfortunately, we have to reschedule the show next week, due to a Spagnola family emergency. Dogwater Dick explains all at the end of the show. But don’t fret! There is a ridiculous amoun t of great music this weekend in Reno – we talk about all the upcoming shows at the end as well – including shows with Drinking with Clowns, Rigorous Proof and the LAST MaryJane Rocket show. You need to get off the couch this week!

Corbin Cliften behind his drum set.

Corbin Cliften

Thanks for listening!