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The Will Shamberger Band – Sons of Dust and Jet Fuel – S11 E24

Season 11
Season 11
The Will Shamberger Band - Sons of Dust and Jet Fuel - S11 E24

Sometimes, even jaded assholes get surprised, like this week, on the show. I am so delighted to introduce to our listening audience The Will Shamberger Band of Fallon, NV (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I was mostly surprised because I was expecting a solo, not a new bunch of contenders.

Will Shamberger singing into a microphone while playing guitar.
Will Shamberger

Will Shamberger, Jesse Morrow, Charlie Gomes and Stone Seuss are the lions to the Voltron that is a tight rock quartet, blasting out a little funk and psychedelic vibes. They have a big sound and big personalities – it is quite the memorable quiz this week. (spoiler: Charlie cheats since he’s taken it before.)

Charlie Gomes in front of a microphone holding his guitar.
Charlie Gomes

They’ve got some shows coming up in the next couple weeks – August 12th at Holland Project, and, booked right here on this show , August 13th at Alturas with WLP’s own One Ton Dually and Quitter, from Carson City.

Stone Seuss in front of his drums in a brightly lit room.
Stone Seuss

You can connect with them, just about everywhere music is published and consumed, even Bandcamp.

Smiling Jessie Morrow at Dogwater Studios with his guitar.
Jessie Morrow

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