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My Acoustic Heart and the Great Communicator – S4 E9

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Season 04
My Acoustic Heart and the Great Communicator - S4 E9

Strap in, folks!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E9

April showers bring WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO THE WEATHER? Hope you’re enjoying early spring here in the Washoe Valley area. I’m not.

Tattoos that say "spirit" and "truth" on Ortiz's forearms

marked for lyfe

What I am enjoying is having gotten to meet and hang out with Josh Ortiz of My Acoustic Heart on this latest episode! Ortiz is a quickly rising name in the Reno singer-songwriter community and a giant dork really swell guy. Unfortunately he was warned about the quiz by former friend of the show, Josiah Knight (who will NOT be appearing with us anytime soon). Ortiz is most of My Acoustic Heart, having come on the show without telling his sometimes partner, Greg, because he’s a diva.  He’s also got one hell of a set of pipes!

Josh Ortiz of My Acoustic Heart in a triptych photo

Josh Ortiz

Also on the show, bringing the kind of crazy energy that only he can is Darin Honorof, the Great Communicator as dubbed by Dogeater Dick. 100 points if you can follow his conversation; a bonus 1000 points if you can explain it to us in a letter. He really injects his own way of looking at the world and infects us all with it.

Darin Honorof

The Great Communicator



Thanks for listening!

Season of the Moustache – S1 E39

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Season 01
Season of the Moustache - S1 E39

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 39

Alison Jasmine Martin

Warning – Chewbacca has progeny!

First of all, we’d like to congratulate Josh and Christina and welcome their beautiful daughter Alison into the world. We wish her a wonderful life, brains, beauty, grace (take after yo momma, little girl!) and that she finds joy in all that she does. HOWEVER, it’s a pretty convenient excuse for Chewie to have to miss the show again. Once again, he proves his unreliability as a co-host and off-air personality. But, whatevs….

On the show this week we have the pleasure of hanging out with Shane Whitecloud, Mike Reynolds and Ernie Anthony from Seasons of Insanity. I’ll be honest – didn’t know if these guys were going to be cool or not. They TOTALLY flaked on us a few episodes back (remember, the last time Layla was here? The friends of hers that made her look bad on the noted Worst Little Podcast? And then we all sang ‘Kumbaya’? remember?), and ALMOST forgot about us this time. But they came through! At the buzzer! And it was good. Very good, in fact. So good, in fact, that I urge all of you to catch their show on December 10th. I think it’s at the Knit, but you’ll just have to listen to the whole show to find out. In fact.

(F.Y.I. – Worst Little Podcast EXCLUSIVE never-before heard acoustic versions of “Unsung Heroes” and “Gallon of Homey Wine”  by Seasons of Insanity,

Seasons of Insanity, Movember and the Skatehouse with Nick and Rory from the Worst Little Podcast

one take. done.

But WAIT! There’s MORE!
Also on this week’s episode, Jacob Carnahan, captain of Team MoFoxy, came in to talk about the international fundraiser, MOvember, promoting men’s health. Why? Because we like balls. We even heart balls. We heart MOvember. And fundraising. Jacob, and many Team MoFoxy members can be found at the Foxy Olive. Gothere and give them money. They won’t spend all of it on booze. They’ll spend it on balls. Reverend Rory and Nick are also on the team – donate money to them!

Darin Honorof, longtime friend of Nick, also stopped by to throw some love out to a new project in South Lake Tahoe – the Skatehouse. It’s an indoor skatepark that wants to help develop and promote young kids into skating or boarding or all of those things that I would break my neck doing cause I’m an old man. Visit the website, visit the park!

Ok… I’m out of steam. It’s an awesome show. I think you’ll like it.


Oh, yes…. and thanks for listening.