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Aversion Therapy: Not just for kids anymore! – S1 E13

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Season 01
Aversion Therapy: Not just for kids anymore! - S1 E13

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 13 


Aversion Therapy

Rocking out obscure covers since … well, we forgot to ask….


 We’re the Worst Little Podcast/ talkin’ out of our ass!

That’s just a taste of the totally freaking awesome song Aversion Therapy wrote for us. They went back and listened to the archives and dug up a bunch of dirt to ridicule your favorite Reno whores with – thanks, guys! As the man says, ‘sleep with one eye open.’ We’ll be seeing ya. Soon!

Really though lots of fun this week. Nick talks about his suprise bachelor party last weekend, Rory reveals some disturbing elements of his sexual awakening as a young man and Rick zings us all with samples on his fancy soundboard. Chewie is MIA once again, working hard for the corporate masters in Elko or Winnemucky or some other godforsaken ghost town fine community in the Great State of Nevada. The guys from Aversion Therapy showed up with intact senses of humor and threw down some pretty great songs, like ‘Tequilabotoomy’ and ‘You wont Return My calls, So I Put a Spycam on Your Dog’. They are a unique band, writing one song a month based on suggestions on their facebook page. Go check them out either there or at their website; it may be the best 20 minutes you spend all half-hour!