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S14E16: KNVC 95.1 FM: On The Air With Funk & Houk

Season 14
Season 14
S14E16: KNVC 95.1 FM: On The Air With Funk & Houk

95.1 FM KNVC is community radio programmed for the people by the people, headed up by Steve Funk and Will Houk who, much to our pleasure and invite, dropped by the Dogwater Studios to give us the four one one on what’s happening with their totally rad homegrown radio station in Carson City. 

Funk & Houk

For one thing Will is creating 

 a local music show and KNVC wants your local music. Listen in for how to do that. 

We talk about DJs, history and bringing people together with music

Will Houk

Steve and Will give us a live performance each, and we get a track from our buddy Liam Kyle Cahill as well as a couple from the late local musical wiz Colin Ross.

It’s a great conversation with real live radio folk who consider it an art form. As do we.

Steve Funk

Grass roots local community radio is having a revival all across the country and we’re definitely here for it. So do yourself a favor, check it out, consider getting involved and remember, life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening. 

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