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Cole Adams – Ghost Cat – S8 E18

Season 08
Season 08
Cole Adams - Ghost Cat - S8 E18

S8 E20

Seasoned troubadour Cole Adams wandered on into the podcast this week to play some tunes for us. Cole is a singer/songwriter new to the 775; most recently he had been living and playing in LA, having moved there from St. Louis, MO. Lots of love for ‘The Lou’ this week and The Rev and Cole gush at each other a little bit. After many years of strong performances, Adams struck out west, landing in LA for a time. He had the opportunity to play and record with Generations, a San Diego area band. This is also where he met hew partner, Stevie Rose, at a coffee shop. Stevie Rose is a henna artist working in the Reno/Carson/Sparks and Stead area. (You can find her designs or contact her for services at Heart of Henna.) The couple recently moved to the Reno area for new opportunities.

Cole Adams holding a guitar and smiling

Cole Adams

Cole will be appearing all summer long at The Renaissance and you can find out more about that on Cole’s Facebook page. Cole will be appearing at Ceol in a few weeks and will be a featured performer at the July “Loud As Folk”. Cole also has a Youtube channel, Cole Adams Music, where he will be releasing new videos every week.

Stevie Rose of Heart of Henna, accompanying Cole Adams on The

Stevie Rose

As you may have gathered, this is not Kadillac Kim writing this. Kim had a major surgery this week and will be out of commission for a few weeks. At the time of this writing, Kim is healing well and itching to get back home. We wish her well and are excited for her to be fully healed and able to live her life again. WE LOVE YOU KIM!!!!!

Thanks for Listening.