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I Love You Mary Jane Rocket – S2 E11

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Season 02
I Love You Mary Jane Rocket - S2 E11

The Worst Little Podcast – 2012 04 16

Git up wit cha get down!


It’s time for some rock and/or roll, valued listeners! We had a great frakking time with Mary Jane Rocket this week! Clark, Kathleen, Ryan, Scott and Scott threw down some acoustic songs for us – unlike anything you’ll see at a show, mind you. They are rude and funny as fuck and know their way around country, punk and blues. It’s a lot like hanging out with those cousins that are a blast, but you don’t want to see every day.


You can catch Mary Jane Rocket very soon – next week in fact! Friday April 27th they will be at The Studio on Fourth with Los Pistoleros and some other band (listen to the show). Saturday the 28th they will be at Davidson’s Distillery with Los Pistoleros and some other band (listen to the show). Speaking of weekends and MJR, – this weekend is 4/20. Don’t be stupid, kids. Have fun, but don’t be stupid.

Nick, Rick, Rory and Chewie gloss over their weekends and tell you all about the exciting events in Reno this week, but the only way you’ll know what our top picks are is of you (listen to the show) ask us! Go ahead, leave a comment. Someone will totally reply. Promise. Well, at least on facebook – Rory lives on facebook. (Do you like the third or first person when I talk about him? Let me know!)

In other news… um, I really don’t have anything. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend. I encourage you to get out and enjoy it –  ride your bike, take a walk, get out to see Reno. Do something you’ve never done before. Go to Oxbow Park. Whatever it is – get outside!!! When it’s a nice Spring day in Reno, you can’t afford to waste it!

As always, thanks for listening.