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WLP Conversations – S10 E40

Season 10
Season 10
WLP Conversations - S10 E40

Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, or most recent guest was unable to connect with us either of the last two weeks. It’s a bummer! And he really tried! We are looking a dates in the future, after upgrades. However, while we were waiting, we did have a hot mic and recorded our backstage banter. Listen to what we talk about with no guest – not a lot! Hear about Dogwater Dick’s brush with the law as a young couchsurfer! To read more about the lurid details Dick was most certainly NOT involved in, you can read the RGJ article here.

The delay in this week’s episode was also due, in part (mostly) to Reverend Rory’s birthday celebration. He took some time off to spend with the family and indulge himself and do adulty things like get tattooed and buy furniture for Christmas. There MAY have been some weed and alcohol involved (at home) and some social distancing (while out – and in bed). Sorry/not sorry for the delay – this was a year a little indulgence was needed.

HBD, Rev!

Thanks For Listening!
(we really have a show next week too – it’s already recorded)