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Good Will Shamberger – S12 E19

Season 12
Season 12
Good Will Shamberger - S12 E19

This week we have one of the hardest working bands in Northern Nevada, The Will Shamberger Band!

Closeup of Will Shamberger singing into a microphone pop filter

Straight out of Fallon, this rock quartet , who we (WLP) haven’t seen in 11 months, has been busy delivering their songs to the people. Saving theaters, recording albums and melting faces. Seriously, their lead guitarist Charlie is becoming a well known shredder. He’s virtuoso good. When he’s not playing it’s all he thinks about and it shows.

Charlie Gomes, intently staring at his wood grain electric guitar as he shreds with it.

Fronted by the charismatic and funny Will, who’s voice has a sweet, sincere strong tone, combined with his killer songwriting and guitar work, Charlie’s soaring lead and the band’s solid rhythm section, (Jesse on fretless bass and Stone on the kit) TWSB create a psychedelic grungy funk rock sound for songs with commercial radio sensibilities. It’s hard to pigeonhole them. They’re not trendy or edgy. They’re a good time rock and roll band. Familiar and unique.

Jesse Morrow singing while playing his fretless bass, eyes closed.

They’ve just finished their new recording with Dog Water Dick and can’t wait for you all to hear it. Press play for all the details and where you can catch them next!

Stone Seuss, smiling with a busy mustache from behind a drumset and cymbals.

Life is short and we love you! Thanks for listening.

Serenity Awaits – BFE Comes to Town – S6 E10

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Season 06
Serenity Awaits - BFE Comes to Town - S6 E10



Are you ready for this? Finally?


Hello fans and dedicated listeners!! Many apologies for the delay of the show. Serenity Awaits has been patiently waiting for their turn in the show. Ben, Chris, Charlie and Herman join us this week and it’s worth the wait.

Charlie of Serenity Awaits

Charlie – guitar

Ben boren of Serenity Awaits

Ben – singer and guitar

These guys traveled a fair distance to join us and brought their best… well really, they’ve brought about 2 1/2 hrs worth of original material, but showed off only the best of the best. We have a lot of fun with Serenity Awaits. These guys have stories for days. Also – Herman speaks very little English so it’s a great chance to hear Rick improv his Spanish translations for Quiz questions.

Chris of Serenity Awaits

Chris – bass

Herman of Serenity Awaits

Herman – drums

Lots of great stuff happening in Reno right now: Foxy First Friday featuring Jen Scaffidi is this week, hosted by The Rev; just a few more weeks until Marianarchy XII: A Benefit for Kula Dunn; “King Lear” runs at Good Luck MacBeth until 5/21; Reno Sculpture Festival next weekend – all over downtown Reno; and much much more. Get off yer butt and go see some stuff!


Thanks for Listening!