Cell – Full Moon Mood- S12 E1

Season 12
Season 12
Cell - Full Moon Mood- S12 E1

Welcome back to us! And a Fine New Year to you!

It’s the first show of a brand new season. We are stoked to bring back one of the bands from the Beforetimes that is still kicking ass today – Cell! Of course, it wouldn’t be a fresh start without a thousand things going wrong – most of it was pre-show and we talk about it a little at the top of the show, but dang!

Leon, playing air guitar on a stool
Leon – vocals and air guitar

There have been some lineup changes and some sound changes, but Cell is still a tremendously talented and exciting band. They give us just a little taste of music this week -with only two songs in the regular show and one more on the Patreon special. Just a taste of the new tunes they have been crafting in the shadows.

Anson, playing bass on a couch
Insun – bass
Darion, playing guitar on a stool
Darion, guitar

You can catch them this coming weekend on Saturday Jan 29 at The Matador (frmr St James Infirmary) and hear more of their new tunes, along with Grimedog and Saving Robin Steele.

Jonothan, playing drums with arms outstreched
Jonathan – drums

Thanks for Listening!