WLP – George Floyd Matters – S10 E19

Season 10
Season 10
WLP - George Floyd Matters - S10 E19

Hi, friends. What else can I say, but welcome to Flight 2020, cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet. If you look out your window from either side of the plane, you can see the iconic “W.T.F” rising from the surrounding hell-scape in 200-ft tall burning letters.

It’s hard to find the energy for levity in this trying time, but we can always find the love. We start this weeks show off with a Marianarchy recap – over $11,000 raised for the Masud family. Pretty fucking amazing, Reno; good job. Online options will definitely be a future component of the fundraiser.

Somehow, we drift into vitamins and diet regimens, and basically sound like a bunch of old dying guys. Oh! Music this week is provided by Dogwater Studios/Cherrybear Records’ “Undiscovered” series: live cuts of up-and-coming area acts dating back to 2012.

And of course we also talk at some length the end of the world … or at least about the events nationally and locally in the aftermath of the public murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis PD. Or comments are taken from Monday 6/1 and our unedited conversation is responding to the events of the prior weekend, including the peaceful protests and riotous conflicts. It would be an understatement to say that we are all dismayed by the continued violence and abusive treatment of Black Americans and all POC at hands of law enforcement of all varieties throughout the US. We do believe Black Lives Matter, as a concept and as a movement. We have a small platform, but we are a part of the chorus standing up for equity and egalitarianism for all citizens. We are allies in the struggle for justice. #sayhisname #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #takeaknee

A mural of George Floyd, US citizen murdered by police on 5/25/20 #georgefloyd #sayhisname #icantbreathe wall mural of an iconic image of george floyd with accompanying text and hashtags as described
George Floyd Mural by @eme_freethinker

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