Aaron Foelsch

The Lost Ones – Gingers with Soul – S6 E25

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Season 06
The Lost Ones - Gingers with Soul - S6 E25

Good Gawd!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E25

OK, so no everyone in the band is a ginger, but they all have been touched by a little of that Motown sound. (Think less The Temptations and more Joe Cocker fronting a punk band.) The Lost Ones are a soul/rock band from Reno NV, featuring seasoned troubadours Garrett Donovan – (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Aaron Foelsch – (Keyboard/Vocals), John Grinde – (Drums), Todd Imus – (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Devon Miller – (Bass Guitar/Vocals). WIth only one show under their belt, they are technically one of the greenest bands we’ve ever had on the show, but don’t let that fool ya. They have a tight, fresh sound that is obviously well rehearsed, no matter what the other bands say.


John Grinde mic check

Little John Grinde

Todd McNulty smiling gently


John Grinde - (Drums)

Suprised Garrett

Devon Miller smiling broadly

Devon – happy to be here

Aaron Foelsch resting his chin on his fists

Angry Aaron

The Lost Ones are really stunning. They’re bringing back old sounds in a new way – mostly with moar whiskey and beer. You can catch them in a couple weeks on November 3rd at Shea’s Tavern with In the Whale. This should be a great show – so great that they’ll all stay up past their bedtimes.

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Donner and the Cannibals – Bitchrock! – S6 E13

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Season 06
Donner and the Cannibals - Bitchrock! - S6 E13

S6 E13

It’s not angry women….

In the ceaseless ebb and flow of the creation and destruction cycle of Reno bands, you sometimes get something intriguing and unique. Other times, you’re left with music like Donner and the Cannibals, a Reno punk/folk trio. Donner and the Cannibals is comprised of Craig Schrader, Rachel Barr and Aaron Foelsh, all previous guests of the show in other bands.

Craig Schrader, guitar and vocals

Rick calls it “bitchrock” but Nick and the Rev know protest punk when we hear it. Good stuff – pretty and angry.

Aaron Foelsh

Please don’t forget to join us at Marianarchy XII this weekend! Friday and Saturday, Nick and Reverend Rory will be hosting the 30+ band event as a benefit for Kula Dunn, good friend of the community and ECV, who had his legs broken in a hit and run incident last year. Help us raise him some walking money. As usual, there will be a silent auction and raffle..

Rachel Barr, bass

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Whitebulbs – Folking Punks – S4 E14

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Season 04
Whitebulbs - Folking Punks - S4 E14

“I think it’s time to climax.”

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E14 – Download Link

Constant Companion, Nick Ramirez, hops in the driver’s seat this week while Dogwater Studios plays host to Whitebulbs an Americana/folk/punk band from Reno NV. Aaron Foelsch, Kyle Dazey, Zach Compton, Ken Shepherd and Andy Pavlu crash the studio with their high-energy music. Rev. Rory was out with a case of being a parent, so I don’t have a whole lot to say about the show. It’s weird to listen, but Nick did a good job in my stead.

Andy Pavlu playing trombone

Andy “The Kilt” Pavlu

Ken Shepherd licking his stand up bass

Ken Shepherd

These guys start us with a barbershop lullaby, but shortly thereafter kick things into high gear. I for one can’t wait to see Whitebulbs live and in action some night soon. They are an active band with facebook and reverbnation pages as well as their own website. They’ve been playing out a lot with some great bands and have a bunch of other shows lined up in the near future. Check them out!

Zach Compton smiling with drums

Zach Compton

Kyle Dazey smiling with guitar

Kyle Dazey

Aaron Foelsch posing in profile

Aaron Foelsch

Well, it’s a fun episode – listen already!
And thanks for listening!


PS Nate the intern. don’t think I’m not paying attention to where your balls have been. Retribution will be had when you least expect it.

nate the intern licking reverend rory's mug "have you seen this cup-napper?"