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Kyle Visco

Kyle Visco flashing rock horns and sticking his tongue out behind a guitar.

Kyle Visco, lead guitar for Trouble Show, a Reno NV blues rock band, appearing on the Worst Little Podcast, 08/15/22.


Casey Smith, giving the camera a chin-out smirk while wearing a drab green t-shirt. black hair and goatee

Casey Smith, trumpet and vocals for Phat Mark, a Reno-area funk and jazz band appearing on the Worst Little Podcast 08/01/2022

Rory and Nick

A selfie with Nick Ramirez smiling and squinting at the camera with long hair, black glasses and a backwards baseball cap ans Rev Rory leaning into the left side of the picture with a small smirk and short faded pink hair and over-ear headphones.

Nick Ramirez, Reno singer-songwriter and solo album creator, appearing on the Worst Little Podcast 07/25/22


Jywanza SCott-Jackson

Jywanza Scott-Jackson appearing on the Worst Little Podcast 05092022 with NULYPHE Ensemble

John Waters

b/w stock headshot of John Waters, smirking at camera in a dark suit

Stock headshot of John Waters, American filmmaker, writer, and director, interviewing on the Worst Little Podcast in the World 04272022

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