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John White

A bald man with a trim beard sings into a microphone while playing a dark brown acoustic guitar

John White, Reno-area singer/songwriter and bandleader, performing on the Worst Little Podcast, 05/22/23.


a dark haired woman in a black jean jacket with an open mouth smile behind a studio mic

Claire Hachenberger of Good Luck Macbeth’s “Men on Boats” appearing on the Worst Little Podcast 20230501


bald man with a large grey beard and glasses wearing a black hoodie behind a studio microphone

Robert Derbyshire aka DJ FasterThanYou of KWNK 97.7
s Left of the Dial” appearing on The Worst Little Podcast 20230501

Jen Scaffidi

Jen scaffidi with a pixie haircut and glasses singing into a mic, wearing a black tank top

Jen Scaffidi aka Juggs Black, guitarist and singer for Tenacious Double D, a parody cover tribute to Tenacious D, appearing on the Worst Little Podcast, 03/20/2023

Kyle Visco

Kyle Visco flashing rock horns and sticking his tongue out behind a guitar.

Kyle Visco, lead guitar for Trouble Show, a Reno NV blues rock band, appearing on the Worst Little Podcast, 08/15/22.

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