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Radio Gods

Hey, kids! No show this week on account of Nick and The Liver Scars opening for The Misfits.

Over the weekend, we all got a chances to see our radio gods and inspiration – the cast of The Mike O’Meara Show! Thanks to TMOS for putting on a great show with Reno locals, Decoy. We all had a great time meeting you!












Cloumbus: The Original Guy on the Couch

So, in honor of this half-assed holiday that may or may not be culturally insensitive and isn’t even a day off of work, we decided to take the day off of the podcast.
Enjoy your Columbus Day and… invade a neighboring village (do we even have those anymore?) or get scurvy or follow UFOs or scalp whitey (OK, that’s going too far) or … something like that. It’s kind of a vague holiday.

Happy Fourth of Fuck You, That’s Why

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E20

Hope you blew some shit up and ate meat cooked on a fire!

Sorry the post is out a little late but I was busy enjoying a holiday by rearranging my house. Call it some summer cleaning, if you will.

At any rate, we didn’t really talk about the holiday anyway. We talked a lot of shit with Slut Fungus and made fun of Nick a lot. (And really, guys, it’s not funny anymore… we really ought to stop… after the next episode…) The most punk rock band from Carson City came up to the Dogwater Studios and played a sloppy shitty acoustic set for us. It’s beyond brilliant! It’s epically epic.

Seriously though, this is a pretty filthy episode. When we say the show is NSFW, sometimes it’s because of a foul word or a racy topic. THis time though – it really is NSFW.
Like, if the line is here – X
We crossed it and went way over here——————————(us)
But this is the Internet and America, so who cares what we say!!!
We don’t talk about their new album cover. Not at all. (It is also MAGNIFICENT!!)

The guys do their usually jibber jabber about the past weekend and upcoming events. It was really too hot at the end and we forgot everything because our brains had melted (and Nick had been drinking PBJs since noon). Was there anything else – punk rock, making fun of Nick, more gay jokes, upcoming events… nah, I think that’s it. Lots of fun though!!

We didn’t take any drinking game breaks for ‘Teah/No” but that doesn'[t mean that it didn’t happen – listen and let me know!!!

Thanks for Listening!!

Censorship Bandwagon

Internet Not Found

Sensationalism? Naaaah.....


So, while we wait for Dogwater Dick to finish dicking around with the audio (yeah, I’m throwing him under the bus – because he’s a fag) I thought I’d take a moment out to talk about censorship and the internet. I would like to preface these comments by stating that I am, in fact, an idiot. Next week Congress will be voting on the passage of two bills relating to internet security and censorship and piracy and e-anarchy and e-policestating and all that kind of stuff. I will not pretend that I am well versed on the topic; what I am well versed in is grandstanding and talking out of my ass.

“Internet censorship” is a scary word. SO scary that it is, in fact, two words. It’s being thrown about a lot and I don’t like that. But should I really be afraid? I am afraid that I won’t be able to look up when Wikpedia and Reddit and Boing-Boing and Mozilla and WordPress (who we couldn’t do this site without) go dark tomorrow. If the internets didn’t have cool shit like that – how would I find all the misinformation that I need to know? What would I do?  Like, be creative or something? Read a book?

The fact is that we live in a brave new reality where the constant flow of information is central to how we interact and have a global perspective, as many cultures. If services were forced to self police or face fines, I’m afraid that most of those services would simply go away – it’s way less of a headache to not have to fix something that never went wrong in the first place. Piracy, like on the high seas, is theft; I think we’d all agree. Unlike the high seas, however, it is less overtly homoerotic violent; I’d way rather my apartment was invaded by a bunch of guys who would leave updated OS and smoothly running pre-release movies in their wake.

But I digress. You should do yourself a favor and get more informed that I have led you to believe you might here,
Try out these links:

Maybe even do something:

But don’t try to look it up on Wikipedia – they’re not home.
WLP? Eh… we’ll have that post up as soon as we can.


Episode 33 – Coming Soon!

Tom Gordon on the Worst Little Podcast

Dogwater Studios gets a thumb's up from Tom!

Hey folks, having some technical difficulties with the Interwebz. Evidently our show is too cool for school, so we’re going to have to wait until after 3pm PST or so to get this up.

Keep listening!

We’re Calling in Sick.

Hello, constant listener and the Intrawebz,

We hate to do it, but we had to cancell the episode this week due to the failing health of half of the crew. Rick has the plague and Rory’s got a hole in his tooth. I’d go into greater detail, but it makes Nick squirm… so we’ll save it for the show next week!

In case you were interested, the Reno Block Party and Undiscovered 2011 (a.k.a. Rick-stock) were great! Huge successes and a grand old time were had by all! Thanks for attending if you did – it’s events like these that make Reno so freaking awesome! And thanks to all the bands that played; we’re going to try to book as many of them as possible in the coming months (Very Pretty Pigeon, Memory Motel… I’m looking at you….).

Exciting news – We gots stickers!!!!! A big shout out to the fine folks over at Sticker Guy! (Eric Foreman)  for hooking us up with some sweet stickers. Want some? Leave a comment – we’ll sent them to you!

Don’t forget to check out NadaDada Motel this week – June 16 through 19 at locations all over downtown Reno.  Local artists and performers collaborate once again in a celebration of nothing and everything. Still not sure what NadaDada is? It doesn’t matter. Just go.

Trust us! We know what we’re doing!

Reno’s Own Royal Wedding


Congratulations to Nick and Maia on this auspicious day of their public declaration of love.

You both mean a lot to so many people around the Reno Sparks area and give of your selves to your friends and community.
We love you both so much!!!! Reno would not be the same place without you.

You crazy kids have fun now!

Episode 8 fixed

This weeks’ wonderful installment of the Worst Little Podcast can now be enjoyed in its entirety!
Refresh your feed and/or re-download it from the previous post.

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

The Felix Polanski Show! (2.0)

Felix ‘Blackout’ Polanski – Falling down drunk

I don’t know why I even show up anymore…

Our podcast goes to ’11’. Felix, from Pinky Polanski, invades our studio with his pinko ways, tries to start a revolution and pretty well succeeds in taking over the show from the get go. We try to keep him on track, but it’s about as productive as throwing papertowels at a thunderstorm. Nick and Felix perform an original tune and break Nick’s guitar!!

We also have a live studio audience for the first time. “The Kodiak” and “Jessalicious” hang with Rick in the tech room, chiming in occasionally. Also, our very first sponsors! Somewhere in the middle of this chaotic party we actually have a show, I swear.