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Great Googly-Moogly!

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Due to an un-forseen series of technical issues, miscommunication, spinal injuries and a sheer bone-headedness, this week’s episode is unforgivably late. Reverend Rory issues his deepest apologies to Frankly Fictitious, a Reno NV rock trio. Reverend Rory promises that the person or persons responsible will be sacked and fired with real fire. (but since that ‘person or persons’ is him, it’s unlikely that he will take any action).

Kaden Barmore in a red shirt flipping off the camera and laughing

“I’m number one!”


Frankly Fictitious takes their inspiration from tough 70s rock and snotty punk rock, creating, well, whatever it is that they think they’re doing. A strong entry from some serious dorks. They are Kaden Barmore -Vocals/Lead Guitar, Jonathan Louis-Drums and Jason Van Havel-Bass.

Jonathan louis excitedly tapping his cymbal

Let’s do this!

Jason Van Havel laughing behind his hands



Reverend Rory is out for his final week off this year. Nick and Rick do a recap of just how awful the wedding is and promote events that have already passed. Again, sincere apologies to the band. He owes you drinks.


Thanks For Listening.

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