Another Best of the Worst!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E20

So, Dogwater Dick had to leave town and take the keys to the studio with him this week. Scintillating Executive Fluffer, Bryce Albright, put together this Best of Episode from clips from our first season. Enjoy this trip through the vaults of the WLP Archives. Hope you’re enjoying the summer – we are!!!!


See you next week and Thanks for Listening!

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The Worst Little Podcast in the World!

-WARNING: NSFW The Worst Little Podcast in the World is exactly that. It is blunt. It is tasteless tacky and offensive. And it is on the internet. But WLP isn't just for self indulgence, no! It is a chance for us to highlight the Greater Reno Area and everything that makes this town rock.

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-Everyone involved in the show is a lifer in Reno and pretty deeply involved with the local scenes. In any one of our stellarly mediocre episodes you can hear Rory, Nick, Josh and Rick talk about what they are up to, interviews with local personalities, live musical performances and maybe, just maybe, something that will make you laugh.

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