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The Worst Little Christmas Podcast 2014

Worst Little Podcast
The Worst Little Christmas Podcast 2014

Ho, ho ho, bitches!

The Worst Little Podcast S4 E41

It’s Christmastime and time for our family spectacular! Rikku joins us once again, in person, and that’s just a whole bunch of chaos until she gets sick of the show. Crying and laughter and drama – just like home. We also feature great music from Princess Bombs, Deadly Gallows, Lions Like These, Haggis Rising, Spyke Deggnogg and “Close of the Year”, from the JDRF Hope for the Holidays CD, courtesy of Tom Gordon.

Rikku and her pony diamond

Rikku and Diamond

We also get a very special call from our very own Chewbacca, Josh Martin, direct from the NORTH POLE! Josh has been helping out a very someone special up there and gives us a report of the working conditions.

It’s a lot of chaos. have fun. And from all of us on The Worst Little Podcast – Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We love you all. Jerks.

Thanks for Listening!

Nick Ramirez

Well, HU-llo there!

Jamie "Good Girl" Woodham

Jamie “Good Girl” Woodham

Reverend Rory singing

The Rev. getting his jam on

Shaun, Cole and Nate

Stryse, Honky and Nate

WLP crew pretending dead

Seasons Dyings

Axe Trax and Imirage Sound Lab: Your Musical Heritage, Reno (Pt 2)

Worst Little Podcast
Axe Trax and Imirage Sound Lab: Your Musical Heritage, Reno (Pt 2)

…and welcome back!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2012 09 24 (Part 2)

Alan Flipside

Alan Flipside

To recap -Tom Gordon, Dr. D, Alan, Axe Trax, Imirage. Nick got to drive the car this week cause I’m a jerk and cut out on a lot of cool songs and conversation. I’m sure there were a lot of nerdgasm moments talking about different microphones and sound boards and knob turning. Wooooo….. The wind would have been useful …..

Axe Trax and Imirage helped set the stage for a lot of other studios that have come and gone in the interim, giving crappy little studios like us something to shoot for. It’s overlooked how much good sound engineers and audio producers contribute to live shows and recording. Dogwater Dick, Tom, Dr. D, Alan and LOTS of unsung heroes of music quietly sit at the lighted desk and make it happen, make it possible for prima-donnas like Nick and myself to do what we do. So, a sincere “Get back to work!” “Thank you,” is in order..

Tom and Nick still love you, even it they’re really aliens.

Ok – that’s really it. Now I need to listen to some 3 hours of podcast – to make sure The Intern didn’t fuck up!

Thanks for listening!

Axe Trax and Imirage Sound Lab: Your Musical Heritage, Reno (Pt.1)

Worst Little Podcast
Axe Trax and Imirage Sound Lab: Your Musical Heritage, Reno (Pt.1)

Listen up! This is some serious shit!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2012 09 24 (Part 1)

Tom and Nick love you.

So, we’ve talked about it and teased it since last year when we had him on, but it’s finally here: The Second Coming of Tom Gordon. And this time he brought friends and more music! Not just other music, but literally MORE tracks that are a part of the music and entertainment legacy of Reno. Specifically from Axe Trax Studios and Imirage Sound Lab. Joining him are Dr. Davis and Alan from Imiage. Dr. D is a pioneer of recording music in Reno, being a part of the first recording studios in Reno in the late 1970s and early 1980s. To hear him tell it, it wasn’t far off from wax cylinders and telegraph wires. As a musician and sound wizard, Dr. D has helped build the local recording industry, working with national acts and local bands alike. Alan… well, I dunno. I had to leave early and he didn’t get much of a chance to get a word in before I left. But he seemed really nice. I’d totally introduce him to my mom. (Not really, but that sounds nice doesn’t it.)

Kaysolike I was sayin’, Tom brought a lot of great songs from both  Axe Trax and Imirage spanning 30 years. This weekend, 9/29/2012, is the 30th Anniversary of the studio and they brought an enormous amount of  audio including Lee Greenwoond, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie and local music heroes, Cranium. Now – they brought all of this, but I wasn’t there, like I said. (I had to get down to the Blazing Mic at Jub Jub’s) I don’t know how much they played or what exactly, but the list is tremendous. I know they went for the full three hours again. And once again, we had to split the audio into two separate podcasts!

No really, Alan’s cool.

So, keep listening and we’ll pick this up on the flipside…..

**Full Length Double Episode** Too Tall Tom and His Reno Rockstar Rarities – Side B

Worst Little Podcast
**Full Length Double Episode** Too Tall Tom and His Reno Rockstar Rarities - Side B

The Worst Little Podcast – Episode 22 (SIDE B)

Tom Gordon, Nick Ramirez and Rory Dowd at Dogwater Studios

Charlie's Angels we are not.

Hold on people – this is a long ride! We had to split this up into TWO episodes, ’cause it wouldn’t upload gooder enough.

We are so flipping lucky!!!! Tom Gordon of Imirage Sound Lab was hanging out with Nick at Burning Man when they hatched a plot for Tom to come into Dogwater Studios and share with us a whole CD of previously unreleased tracks by a variety of bands. Maybe Buring Man isn’t so bad after all…. nah. It’s still totally lame.

I don’t want to waste a lot of time on this blog post, because you have some serious listening to do – THREE HOURS of listening. I am not even kidding. It was a real treat to talk to Tom about his experiences recording at Granny’s Recording Studio during the 90’s. Lots of famous people visited that world-class facility over the years; but a lot of local bands recorded there as well. Tom brought us a lot of exclusive content that never saw the light of day, including songs from Psychobabble, Source, Convicted Innocence, Fall Silent, The Atomiks and more!!! Some are alternate versions, some never got released because the band broke up and some were seriously never meant for public consumption. There’s even some R&B and Gospel on there – also Worst Little Podcast firsts.

Tom Gordon of Imirage Sound lab and Rick Spagnola of Dogwater Studios

Knob monkey love.

Between the wizards, muggles, microphones, harmonics, the JDRF, Reno hardcore and backstage heartbreaks, we barely got to the songs! We actually didn’t even get to everything Tom brought this time, and he hasn’t even dipped into the current century! Automatic repeat booking. We hope you enjoy this show. It’s a lot of music and really long. It truly was a treat to have Tom share these experiences with us.

Thanks for listening!!!