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KARMA – Glaze of Bory

Hello, hello!

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Great Scott! It’s a very exciting week here on the Worst Little Podcast. Not only did we enjoy a lovely update on Nick and Dick’s ever improving hygiene, but we also got to spend time with some old friends of the show!

Michelle Belle pointing a wooden shaft at the camera

Michelle Belle – like a shot in the eye


We are thrilled to introduce to you the long awaited Reno super-group, KARMA. That’s right, these are seasoned musicians folks. KARMA is composed of the amazing Greg Gilmore on guitar and vocals, the sultry Michelle Belle on guitar and vocals as well, ridiculously good-looking Adam Springob on bass and vocals too, and the dashing Carter Stellon on drums.

Adam Springob with wild hair

Adam Springob – direct descendant of Hermey, the Misfit Elf



KARMA is in the process of recording an EP at our very own Dogwater Studios. However, they didn’t play any of the songs that appear on the EP because it’s all very hush hush.  Oooh, mysterious… But don’t worry, they will be playing a pre-order release show on November 15th at Jub Jub’s. Joining them will be Stabby Unicorn, Hungry Skinny, and more! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see what all the fuss is about!

Carter Stellon, smiling anxiously

Carter Stellon – turning Japanese with his mind


You can follow KARMA on Facebook for updates on their EP’s upcoming release, and you should! We hope you are all as excited as we are about Marianarchy. Don’t forget, December 12th and 13th!

Greg Gilmore licking a wooden shaft

Greg Gilmore – presented without comment

We’d also like to give a shout out to the lovely ladies of Bohemian Burlesque. They’re putting on a charity show benefiting Safe Embrace on Nov. 22. From the lovely Nicole Rose, “All of the proceeds from the show go directly to Safe Embrace, a local non-profit that gives directly back to our community. They assist men, women and children who are affected by intimate partner violence and domestic abuse, this includes Transgendered people. They provide housing, rent assistance, resume workshops, and community programs. This is a great event to help spread awareness, and support our community through this local non profit (and see boobs).” So check out their event page and support a great local organization. – Reverend Rory



Sam the intern here sincerely hoping you have a great week,

and as always, thanks for listening.

Bohemian Burlesque – So Good to Be Bad


The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E10

Why don’tcha sit down and listen to us sometime? It’s a very sexy show in store for you this week – Nicole Rose and Teresa Moiola come by to wile us with their womanly charms. And we let them! Quite happily! As much of a pleasure to talk to as to look at, Nikki and Teresa are starring members of Bohemian Burlesque, the oldest nouveau burlesque troupe in Reno. Innuendo is the name of the game… and sounds like buttsex, so, yeah! Win!

Teresa Moiola of Bohemian Burlesque with a generous chest

The seductive Teresa and her… sparkling personality.

Nikki is also going to be the emcee of the upcoming Bohemian Burlesque show, Femme Fatale, on APril 25th and 26th at The Studio on Fourth. As a ‘teaser’, she sings “Special” from Avenue Q, an adults-only Sesame Street-style musical. It…. made the Reverend’s pants too tight room very warm.

Nikki Rose sitting primly

“Good” girl, Nikki


Speaking of Music, we also feature some tracks from Daryl Lee Thompson, a long-time Reno musician now living in Portland and touring the Pacific Northwest on a regular basis. Daryl Lee is OOOOOOOooode Skoool Reno and collectively one of our favorite musicians, hands down. However, an enormous portion of the show is devoted to Uncle Rickey’s Story Time! Wherupon, Dogwater Dick claims to have found a glory hole near the top of Rattlesnake Mountain. Reverend Rory went along with it, because he trust Dogwater Dick, even when he lies, but after seeing the picture – isn’t too sure.  Judge for yourself. Reverend Rory predicts we will spend an inordinate amount of time next week discussing this.

a square hole in a port-a-potty

The Rattlesnake Mountain Glory Hole™


It’s a lot of fun this week! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

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