Nick Ramirez


Nick Ramirez

Nick Ramirez, musician or mad scientist?

Resident Burning Man expert and the podcast’s only minority, Nick Ramirez fills an important spot on the show – we’re just trying to figure out what that is. If there is any real talent on this show it’s Nick. Also a transplant to Reno, Nick has been playing music in LOTS of really awesome bands for almost 20 years – Sprout, Phat Couch, Astronot and Liverscars to name a few that run the gamut. Aside from having the only actual radio industry job out of the bunch, he’s currently involved with 4 or 5 active bands and always has something in production, including the bi-annual Marianarchy fundraiser. He might even start a band with you! Who knows? Get him drunk and give him your pitch – he doesn’t have anything else to do.

Nick also has been very involved with the Reno art community having been a featured artist, art instructor and producer of benefit events for over a decade. He has worked with the Sierra Arts Foundation and Bruka Theater. His chicken wire sculptures can be found in many homes and nightclubs all over the city. He’s probably made tens of dollars off of them.




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