Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame – Bringin’ Country Back


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This week, we roll up our slee, stick some straw in our teeth and hold on tight for a humdinger of a good time … a really filthy, filthy humdinger. Dusty Miles, Rico, Chris and Danny from Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame stop in to give us some pointers about the finer things of country. Not that crap on the radio, but true American music.

Dusty Miles, lead singer and rhythm guitar for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame

Dusty Miles


Eric "Rico' Peterson, lead guitar and lap steel for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame



Chris Rock'n'Rodgers, upright bass for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame

Chris Rock’n’Rodgers


Danny Horton, drummer for Dusty Miles and the Cryin'Shame

Danny Horton

We also have the pleasure of having Jamie Crush, Reno based artist and model, who is organising “Solitude – A Benefit for My Journey Home”. My Journey Home is an organization that seeks to help veterans and former inmates re-integrate with society in any number of ways.  The event will be on June 10th at the Isles Teahouse in Midtown.

JJamie Crush, Reno artist and model

Jamie “we all have a” Crush


Lastly, we are changing format to two shows a month, instead of weekly. Sorry, loyal listeners, but this is a chance for us to spend more time on shows, giving you a better product. Thank you for understanding.



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