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Smiley Mikey – Irrepressibly Optimistic – S10 E41

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Smiley Mikey - Irrepressibly Optimistic - S10 E41

Don’t call it a comeback, cause he’s been here for years! We welcome back Season Two Contestant, Smiley Mikey! While it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from him, Mike has not stopped creating – music, art or some occasional controversy.

Cowboy Smiley

With a new album amidst the political and social chaos of 2020, Mike has not steered away from tackling the biggest issues of the day – staying positive and productive and evolving. Mike gives the listeners a creator-eye view of the songs. He also has a ton of videos on youtube to check out.

not-so-smiley mikey

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Archives: Felix and the Vault – S2 E26

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Archives: Felix and the Vault - S2 E26


Lies and mendacity!!!!

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E25

First, I’m on the defensive. I want to clear something up – I did not call in well! Rick was trying to call in sick and we had a last-minute cancellation, so I rearranged my life. Then Nick calls and says we’re still doing the show. Bitches be trippin! I was fully prepared to do the show this week, SERIOUSLY! Then life happened… and I hung out with my kid and learned a song on the GEEtar – sue me. OK, enough rationalization and onto the show.

Felix says: “Arrrr… You’re number one!”

In addition to the regular weekend recap, we find out that Chewie has a stalker in his neighborhood, cabs will not stop to pick up Felix, Nick is temporarily hooked on Vicodin and Rick sat around the house and polished his… microphone, all alone. Fun and exciting! Shocker alert – Felix got really drunk and blacked out last weekend after a show!! Wow! It’s a fun show, despite being sans Reverend. Chewie busts out some old tracks from the Vault and we get to hear a little music from Reno greats Cranium, M.C. Gob, The Line, and War Maggots.

Chewie gases stoically while Felix tries to light the studio on fire or something…

Lots of great stuff happening around town this week. Thursday night, Melvin Makes Machineguns are headlining the Summer Music Series at the Alley. Friday night we’ve got Boot to the Kool , Merkin, The Kanes, Miracle Drugs, and The Firebombing at The Knit; Antique Scream, The Shames, and Walk of Shame at Lincoln Lounge; and Black Sheep of Kali, Glacier and The Harvest and The Hunt at Shea’s. Saturday you can find CRUSH and Smiley Mikey at Sidelines; and the Blitzkreig Pop dance party with DJ Endif and Hyperkarma at The Biggest Little City Club.

Nick with some love for the LIcker.

Don’t forget to come on out to support your open mics all across the city EVERY night of the week. I of course am going to remind you of the Strega Sunday night Open Mic and THE WORST LITTLE OPEN MIC IN RENO at Jub Jub’s on Monday, brought to you by US here at WLP. THis week’s host is the Madman, Matty Waage… and as always, Nick and Rory and Chewie will all be in attendance for some amount of time.

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This is a Really Catchy Title – S2 E20

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
This is a Really Catchy Title - S2 E20


The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E18

So this is not going to be the best post ever…. The show’s great, but this blog post sucks.

Smiley Mikey?

Rory was unable to make it due to other crap going on, so Nick stepped up to the plate to helm the ship. In studio with him is the one and only ‘Smiley’ Mike Sion and the talented and beautiful Deana Hoover. Mike is a writer and singer songwriter; he has a brand new album. Deana is a painter with an upcoming show at The Hub.  They are really cool people that are fun to hang out with. I know this to be true.


Really. I don’t know much more than that, since Rory (I) wasn’t there. I suck and forgot to ask anyone to take notes. Or email me them.

BUT This weekend, we have at least one big show I’d like to help promote – The Fashion Show at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor!! It’s Saturday th6/23 at 7pm  and a fundraiser for the Reno Block Party 2. Special guest models, drink specials and a singles auction!!!!

Deana and Nick

Deana and Nick

There’s probably other stuff, but I have to pack to leave town. I told you this was going to suck. There’s probably hella typos too.

Thanks for listening.